Free Bingo Caller and Bingo Card Printer

Bingo Caller simulates the working of a real-life bingo cage, complete with its own set of bingo balls and downloadable bingo cards.

Bingo Card One of the best features of the Bingo Caller product is that it can be used as a stand alone game or along with the bingo cards available at the site. Bingo gamers who have their own bingo cage and number balls but need cards for playing will also be able to use this gaming platform. Bingo enthusiasts can download and print bingo tickets using the Card Printer available at the site.

>>This bingo platform offers two gaming options to players, namely, the 75-ball and the 90-ball bingo variants. New players who wish to make use of the simulated bingo cage can select either the manual or automatic mode of play. The latter option causes the balls to appear without user prompting every 5 seconds; however, if players wish to change the default settings to a time interval that they are more comfortable with, this also can be done using the manual settings.

Players can choose their favourite background colour for the bingo cards, the size of the bingo cards, as well as input customised text to be displayed on the cards. Once the cards are created, they can easily be printed out and used in a game.

The Free Bingo Caller and Card Printer is a great accessory to have at home parties and other gatherings. It helps one to enjoy the unpredictability of the game without the need investing in expensive paraphernalia.