Bingo Sites by Payment Method has published Bingo Sites by payment methods/types, that way you can easily find the Bingo Sites that for example accepts PayPal, NETELLER, Click and Buy, Ukash, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneybookers, Money Order, Cheque Withdrawal etc. Playing online bingo has never been easier with so many payment options available. These options differ between websites and each have a variety of different benefits to ensure there is a payment method to suit you. Simply find a bingo website which offers your preferred payment method and begin playing one of the most popular games online. Paypal offers a secure and simple way to deposit money and cash in your bingo winnings. The ability to use funds available on your credit card, bank account and your Paypal balance means a range of funding sources can be used with your Paypal account. Neteller also allows you to deposit from your credit card or bank account and has one of the best anti-fraud programs in place. Online live support and a safe and efficient service are some of the other features which make this payment processing company popular amongst bingo players. Click and Buy can be used with your bank account, credit card and even cash to make bingo deposits. It has an excellent customer service scheme and guarantees all bingo transactions to be safe as your account details are unable to be accessed by third parties. Topping up your Click and Buy account with cash at a variety of convenience stores around the country also means your personal credit and bank account details never need to be provided. Ukash offers the opportunity to deposit bingo cash online without the need for a bank account or credit card. Simply purchase Ukash vouchers from payment terminals available at a large variety of shops around the UK and Europe and use the code found on the voucher to spend your cash at online bingo websites. Using bank transfers to pay for your online bingo games means you can use money directly from your bank account to top up your bingo account. Any bingo winnings can also be deposited straight back into your bank account. Bank transfers are a convenient and immediate method of payment. The Western Union payment service allows you to make a bingo deposit using your credit card, bank account or with cash through the many Western Union agents around the world. Any bingo winnings can be retrieved from your Western Union account at an agent location or even home delivered as a prepaid card. Moneybookers is a fast and secure service with which you can make bingo cash transfers. Making a bingo deposit is as simple as logging in to your Moneybookers account and confiming the payment. Bingo winnings will be deposited directly into your Moneybookers account which can then be accessed via bank transfer, credit card or cheque. Money orders are also available to deposit and withdraw your funds from bingo accounts. Postal money orders must be paid for in advance from a variety of convenient shops around the world and can be cashed out at banks and other speciality shops including post offices. This is a highly secure method of payment as you can avoid giving personal credit card or bank account details to online bingo websites. Cheque withdrawals from bingo websites are a secure method of retrieving your bingo cash without disclosing any personal bank account details. Bingo websites offer payment cheques in several different currencies and can either be posted through the mail or via courier to your address.

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