Bingo Sites that Accept Phone Bill Payments

Forget credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets. Pay by phone bingo is an increasingly popular option for players looking for speed, convenience and security.

Check out our list of the best bingo sites which accept pay by phone billing, and also some of the most commonly asked questions about this payment method.

Using pay by phone or pay by phone bill at bingo sites

When you pay by phone, your bingo deposits are charged to your next phone bill, instead of coming out of your bank account. All major UK phone networks support pay by phone bill payments, including Vodafone, O2, Three and EE.

How does pay by phone billing work?

This depends if your mobile phone payment system is:

  • Pay as you go – in which case, deposits will be deducted from your credit balance

  • Contract – where the amount will be added to your usual charges at the end of the month

Why use pay by phone billing for bingo?

Pay by phone billing has so many benefits, including:

  • Convenience – as bingo apps improve, often offering exclusive games and prizes, more players are using their mobile devices.

  • No registration – unlike most other services, such as PayPal, you don’t need to register for an account.

  • Speed – your mobile number is all you need to make a deposit.

  • Security – with no bank accounts involved, it’s impossible for anyone to fraudulently access your funds or sensitive data.

  • Transparency – you will always be asked to confirm the amount of the transfer, usually by text. Also, you can keep a record of your transactions through your receipts, which will be sent to you via text message.

  • Universal – all that’s required is a mobile phone. Any brand, model or era that have the capacity to text can pay by phone.

  • Free – there is no fee and no hidden costs.

ALWAYS CHECK: When signing up for new sites where you can pay by phone, you may find that you forfeit the welcome bonus. In which case, you might want to pay by another method.

How do I use pay by phone billing for bingo?

Follow these simple steps to make your first payment:

  1. Input. Choose to pay by phone bill and enter your mobile number.

  2. Authorisation. You’ll be sent a text, asking you to confirm a charge of the amount in question. Some providers may give you a PIN to enter.

  3. Transfer. You’ll be charged either straight away or at the end of the month, depending on your phone payment plan statement.

  4. Play. Go forth and play!

Which are the best carrier billing companies?

Carrier billing companies are the middlemen of mobile networks. These firms securely transport your funds to the bingo merchants. Only third parties which are approved by the mobile networks can act as pay by phone providers, including:


Boku is the largest carrier billing company in the world and the most commonly offered option on bingo sites. Here are some of the benefits of Boku:

Reliable – 24/7 service with an operation centre and technical support offices.

Innovative – huge investment in development, putting it at the cutting edge of carrier billing technology.

Secure – technology ensures that your payment is secure every step of the way.

Convenient – your phone number is saved, so any deposits you place through the same method in the future will be automatically billed to the same number.


Fortumo is another well-recognised name in the industry, with many of their own benefits:

Global – more than 350 mobile operator networks worldwide.

Innovative – among other market firsts it can claim, Fortumo established a billing provider on Android, Windows, and Windows 8 phones before its competitors.

Simple – optimised checkout experience for quick, easy transfers.

Trial session – you can try out demo payments on the website (which you won’t be charged for) before committing.


Bingo players may not see this name regularly, but it is worth keeping in mind:

  • Experience – it has been in the industry for 21 years.

  • Simple – checkout is swift and easy.

  • Transparent – efficient, reliable and secure messaging services make sure you always know what you’re paying for and when.

  • Premium services – players can quickly deposit and withdraw funds and be alerted by SMS.

What is Payforit?

Payforit is a secure payment method supported by the UK’s top network operators (Vodafone, O2, Three and EE). It oversees the whole transaction, from you to the bingo merchant, and regulates the process of pay by phone payments.

What are the Payforit guidelines?

All the carrier billing companies are monitored according to the guidelines enforced by Payforit, which include:

  • Ensuring third parties adhere to strict regulations when handling payments

  • Limited deposits to £10 at a time, and £30 a day, to help players manage spending

What restrictions are there on pay by phone bingo sites?

There are limits on transactions made when you pay by phone. Payforit caps usage at £10 per time and £30 per day – and network providers often setting their own monthly limits. Some network operators allow you to increase your monthly limit by calling up their customer service team, although others, such as O2, impose strict limits. While imposing limits is a great way to manage your spending, regular bingo players may find them frustrating. However, it is perfectly possible to combine this method of payment with another, such as PayPal.

Top tips for making bingo phone bill deposits Follow these top tips for making safe and secure pay by phone bill deposits:

• Check the terms and conditions of Merchant offers. We know it can be a drag to read, but it’s the only way to be sure that you’re completing a legitimate transaction

Never lend out your phone (or data, through tethering) without being aware that you are responsible for any charges that occur as a result of someone else making a payment on your device

• Implement parental controls if your phone may be used at any point by a child

• Always check your email inbox for receipts

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