Mecca Bingo in Blyth Post Office Street

Session Times Mon: 13.35, 19.35 Tues-Sun: 13.40, 19.35 Email:


Post Office St Blyth NE24 1AL England

View Larger Map Which popular sociable activity has remained unchanged for a century? The answer is bingo. Bingo has barely changed for years and doesn't show any signs of its appeal waning with the British general public. If you're an 18 year old playing in a bingo hall for the first time or an octogenarian with years of bingo experience, it's the only evening out where you can gamble, socialise, eat, drink and maybe even come home rich! Online bingo games are becoming popular, but for traditional entertainment you won't be able to beat a proper bingo hall. As "eyes down" gets shouted out, you'll hear nothing but the caller. However, between games there is plenty of socialising to be done with friends. Mecca Bingo in Blyth is a big old-fashioned bingo centre that offers sessions every afternoon and evening. You can play some bingo there seven days a week. A session costs £10-£20 and prices will depend upon which session or day of the week you are attending the bingo hall in Blyth. On a Monday at Mecca it's always £10 per session, so it's a good day to go for some cut-price entertainment. Mecca Bingo in Blyth isn't just a bingo hall. It also has an excellent bar where you can choose between a multitude of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages as well as a menu with some good old-fashioned favourites available, such as bangers and mash or a Sunday roast Situated in Blyth's town centre, the bingo hall is easily accessible and has 34 parking spaces on site for those who are driving. There are over a thousand seated positions (including disabled-access spaces), so why not come along to Mecca Bingo and become a part of bingo's growing community?

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