About Us

What is BingoPort?

BingoPort is the UK’s largest rewards and comparison site for online bingo, slots, and casino sites. We’re just like a cashback site that you’d use to get money back on online purchases, except we have an even bigger variety of rewards available (though we do cash too!).

By signing up to new bingo sites through BingoPort, you can earn rewards like Amazon vouchers, cash, and gifts- just for playing your favourite games!

Why play through BingoPort?

If you enjoy playing online bingo, slots, or casino, why not get rewarded for it? With BingoPort, that's exactly what you'll get.

  • Get rewards for playing when you sign up through BingoPort
  • Save money by comparing welcome offers on bingo site listings pages
  • Cut the endless searching for a new site and find exactly what you’re looking for

What’s the catch?

You’re probably thinking that old adage about “if something seems too good to be true”, right? Well, at BingoPort, there’s no catch.

  • BingoPort is free, and always will be
  • We’re upfront and clear about how to earn rewards, and what you can get
  • Choose which bingo sites you want to join- we’ll never force you to play at a particular site

How do I use BingoPort?

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve found a great deal, then finding out you have to fill in a thousand forms, sell your soul, and fight a tiger just to claim it.

At BingoPort, we make sure our players know exactly how to get rewarded, right from the start.

  1. Sign up to BingoPort for free
  2. Choose a new bingo or slots site, and join them through BingoPort
  3. Make your first deposit and play it through
  4. Bam- your Port Points are credited to your account!
  5. Browse the Rewards Store to spend them, or save them up for a bigger treat. Your call!

What are BingoPort Rewards?

As soon as you sign up to BingoPort, you’ll start earning Port Points. Heck, you get 4,000 Port Points just for creating your account!

Collect Port Points in a variety of ways, including interacting with the BingoPort site, joining and playing at new bingo sites, and just reading our weekly emails.

Once you’ve got some Port Points, you can take a look at the Rewards Store and decide if you want to spend your Port Points on a reward or save up for something bigger. The higher you climb up the membership levels, the bigger rewards you’ll unlock!

How do I earn BingoPort rewards?

There are lots of ways to earn Port Points, which can then be cashed in for rewards. The more you engage with BingoPort and its partner sites, the higher you’ll climb up the membership levels, and the better rewards you’ll be able to unlock!

Earn Port Points by joining and depositing on bingo and slots sites which participate in BingoPort Rewards, including huge sites you’ve seen advertised on TV, brand new sites, and independent sites.

You can also earn Port Points by engaging with the BingoPort site, by doing things like leaving comments, reading our emails, and filling in your profile.

Find out more ways to earn Port Points here.

What is the BingoPort community like?

BingoPort is proud to have developed a family of bingo and slots lovers over the last 10+ years. Our members are friendly, social, and of course, bingo-mad! In one case, two BingoPort friends discovered that they were actually long-lost sisters!

We take great pride in our community, and that’s why we offer Port Points for community-based activities like commenting on reviews, referring a friend, and more.

When was BingoPort launched?

BingoPort was founded way back in 2007 and is run by a team of bingo lovers. Our mission is to bring the very best in online bingo and slots to UK players, and reward them in the process!

It’s not just players we love to spoil: we host awards ceremonies every year to determine the absolute top bingo and slots sites in the UK market, as voted for by our players!

Like what you hear? Get started on BingoPort by signing up today.

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