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Independent Bingo Sites

Why play on independent bingo sites?

Visit one of the UK’s many independent bingo sites and you’re likely to find:

  • Unique designs – large bingo sites which use the same gaming platforms sister sites can often feel quite similar, so independents can offer a refreshing change.
  • Exclusive games – independent bingo sites tend to offer games that have been created in-house, which means you won’t find them anywhere else.
  • Personal service – customer service can feel friendlier and more intimate when you’re dealing with smaller, independent bingo sites, because they often deal with your queries in-house.
  • Quiet game rooms – you’ll often find quieter games on these lesser-known, independent sites, where you may stand a better chance of striking it lucky.
  • Competitive bonuses – independent sites offer a whole range of exciting (and often very competitive) bonuses and loyalty schemes for their players.

Is it safe to deposit money on independent bingo sites?

If the bingo site you’re playing on is trustworthy, you’ll have no trouble depositing your money securely. If your independent bingo site is safe and secure, it will:

  • Have a licence – in the UK, bingo sites must have a license from the Gambling Commission. Check the website footers or terms and conditions to find conformation of this legal requirement before you deposit any money.
  • Provide various payment methods – a variety of secure payment methods such as PayPal and paysafecard is a good indication of a trustworthy bingo site.
  • Offer funds protection – licensed bingo sites must tell users how they’re safeguarding their funds, with levels ranging from no protection to high protection. Check your terms and conditions to find out what type of financial security your chosen independent bingo site offers.

How do I find the best independent bingo sites?

With so many independent bingo sites to choose from, it really pays to know where’s best to play. Check out our selection of the best independent bingo sites – rest assured, every operator we’ve listed has been thoroughly reviewed for:

  • Welcome bonus. These sites have the most generous welcome bonuses of all independent standalone bingo sites we’ve found.
  • Games. The variety of games is top-notch at these bingo sites, with some also offering slots gaming.
  • Banking. With a variety of payment methods, these sites cater for different banking preferences.
  • Customer support. Perhaps most important of all, our selection includes sites with only the best customer service. There are a variety of ways of getting in touch with these independent brands if you need to.

What are the top independent bingo sites for payouts?

The level of payouts is one of the most important factors when you’re choosing a bingo site. After all, it determines how much money you stand to win. Our list of top independent bingo sites factors in this key consideration. Bingo sites are always evolving, therefore the payout percentage can change over time. However, if you look for the bingo sites with the lowest wagering requirements, you won’t go far wrong.

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