Maximise Rewards

If you want to get the most out of your bingo playing pennies, it is imperative that you visit Bingoport prior to joining any new bingo sites. Only by joining a Bingo Site via a link or button on Bingoport (or one of our exclusive email offers), will you be eligible to received Maximised Rewards on your continued play.

Maximised Rewards means you earn 4 x the Port Points on your ongoing deposits at a participating site!
The standard rate of rewards is 5,000 Port Points for depositing £10 or more at a participating site each month, but you'll earn 20,000 if you have joined that site via a link or button on Bingoport.

Submit your claim for rewards by recording your username for the participating site in the My Bingo Sites section of your Bingoport account and once we have verified that you joined the site via a link on Bingoport, your claim will be marked as Receiving Maximised Rewards.

Unfortunately, for any sites you have joined in the past via any source other than a link on Bingoport, you will not be eligible to receive Maximised Rewards. Your rewards claim for these sites will be marked simply as Receiving Standard Rewards. To check the status of your claims, or to submit a new claim for rewards at a participating bingo site, visit the My Bingo Sites section in your Bingoport account.