Bingo Superstitions


Whether we like to admit it or not, lots of us believe in superstitions. We’ll avoid walking under an open ladder, or cross the road when we see a black cat. We can even become devastated just at the mere thought of breaking a mirror. This might all sound a little too familiar right now—but did you know that there are plenty of superstitions involved in bingo too?

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Maybe you’ve noticed mysterious objects in bingo halls, or wondered why some of your fellow roomies never seem to show up on certain days. Well, we’re going to clear up your confusion and show you what types of superstitions plague bingo players. You might even find yourself nodding along to a couple of them.

1. Lucky Objects

Some bingo players out there (yes, we’re talking to you) will hold onto objects that they consider to be lucky, in hopes of reeling in a huge jackpot. You’ve probably seen (or heard of) tables in bingo halls littered with ‘lucky’ charms and objects. You might even play online bingo while clinging to your lucky horseshoe or rabbit’s foot… okay, that might be a little outdated.

Nowadays, anything can be seen as a lucky object. Maybe it’s a ring you were wearing when you scored your first win, or a pair of lucky pants that helped you on your way to a big jackpot- it could even be the traditional four-leaf clover! After all, if it brought you luck once, it could work again! From that day onward, you’ll never play bingo without it. (If you do have a pair of lucky pants, though, we recommend changing out of them from time to time.)

Bingo players are always looking for a bit of extra help and luck to win the big money. If lucky charms aren’t your thing, check out our 6 tips that will help you play online bingo, and possibly win a bit of money.

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2. Lucky Numbers

Most people have a lucky number. Or a lucky combination of numbers. People use them for lottery numbers, password combinations, or even in their BingoPort usernames! It could be a birthday, an anniversary, or just a combination you like. Some people adore the ‘lucky’ number 7, and others actively avoid the ‘unlucky’ number 13—although for some people, it could be the other way around!

It’s a simple fact in life. People have favourite numbers—and they stick to them. Some people won’t even play bingo on Friday the 13th for fear of losing everything!

When you win a jackpot, you will always remember which numbers came up. In bingo halls, some players will do anything to get their hands on a bingo card with their favourite numbers, going so far as to swap with other people.

Whatever works for you...

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3. Lucky Seats

Now, this one only really applies to players in bingo halls, unless you’re really attached to a specific chair in your house.

Many people who play in bingo halls are people of habit. They sit in the chair that they’ve been sitting in for years. This can become more than a habit if a player has won big in that particular chair. The stars aligned once in that particular seat, so it could happen again!

As you can imagine, lucky seats make things quite problematic, especially when a newbie visits a bingo hall for the first time and sits in someone else’s seat. So next time you visit your local bingo hall, try to make sure you’re not in someone’s lucky seat. You really don’t want to see what might happen.

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We definitely wouldn’t want to be that guy…

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4. Lucky Roomies

Some people have friends that bring them good luck and happiness - somehow, good things always happen when this person is around. A lot of players in bingo halls sit with their friends, cheering each other on and vowing to share jackpots. It’s like a private ritual. So it can become unthinkable to even attempt to play without their support.

This applies in online bingo too. You might have a lucky roomie who is always there for you. They cheer you on and congratulate you, even if you don’t win a big jackpot. It just feels weird to play bingo when they’re not there. In fact, you might even refuse to play if they’re not there. We already know just how close communities and roomies can be.

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There are hundreds of superstitions out there, especially in the world of bingo. To some, they might seem a little bit silly, but many people couldn’t imagine playing bingo without them, and it seems to work for them! After all, if you feel lucky, it can lift up your mood and help you feel more relaxed. It’s certainly the right frame of mind to be in for bingo.

Here at BingoPort, we think that one of the best ways to get what you want out of bingo- from great prizes to close communities- is to choose the right site. Still struggling to find that special place? Why not take a look at our quiz and find out which bingo site suits your personality?

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