Go barking mad for these dog themed slot games!

Here at BingoPort, we've taken a look at the long-standing battle between cats and dogs before, featuring 10 times dogs were (almost) better than bingo as well as some cute kitties for every bingo mood. This little guide, however, is for all the dog lovers out there—you know who you are! What better way to celebrate your love than by playing a dog themed slot game? We’ve picked out a few of our favourites below. They’ll have you going barking mad!

Diamond Dogs

Dog themed slot game Diamond Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend, and diamonds are a woman’s best friend, so what do you get when you combine the two? Diamond Dogs! This slot is definitely a unique experience—we’ve never seen anything quite like it. The five reels feature a quirky mashup of celebrities, luxury dog accessories, and of course our treasured canine friends themselves.

When you match 3 Bonus Game symbols on an active bet line, you’ll be taken to the exciting bonus feature. The fun doesn’t stop there though—scatters will give you scatter wins, and with three or more of those symbols on the reels you’ll be treated to 10 free spins.

There are twenty-five fixed paylines, so you’ve got no excuse not to come over to the bark side and play this Netent slot!

Dog N Roll

Dog N Roll slots game

Ever wanted to see your favourite dogs giving it some welly on stage? It’s time to raise the ruff—Dog N Roll is the slot for you. Picture this: a packed stadium, five canine stars and all the glitz and glamour you could hope for. Every time you win, the bright lights of the stage shine down to let you know, giving you a taste of the limelight.

The payline structure of this slot really easy to see—you simply press a button at the bottom of the screen and all will be revealed. There’s plenty of ways to win, and while there’s no progressive jackpot on offer, a tasty maximum prize of £1,000 is enough to get anyone panting with excitement.

The graphics of this game are really something to behold, and the soundtrack doesn’t fall short either. It’s always time to rock on with Dog N Roll!

Hound Hotel

Hound Hotel dog themed slot game

Can you imagine a hotel where there were no humans allowed? Well, the creators of Hound Hotel certainly can—pets have got to be pampered too, you know! See the dogs drinking cognac and smoking pipes in this charming video slot from Microgaming.

The payouts might not be that high, but they sure come thick and fast—this is definitely a slot that rewards repeat plays. With 25 paylines and a tiny minimum stake of just 25p, you won’t be wanting to check out of Hound Hotel any time soon.

Dog Casher

Dog Casher slot game

Sheriff Gaming is a company that specialises in off-the-wall slot games, and Dog Casher is no exception. This video slot tells the heartfelt tale of a puppy from a rich family that leaves home but gets caught and taken to a dog pound. There are several other characters to keep you entertained in the pound—various wily street dogs, for example.

As you might expect, there’s a great range of scatters, and make sure to keep your eye on the wild symbol—the dog catcher himself! Also, if you manage to get three ‘Dog Catcher Van’ symbols, you’ll be taken to the first bonus feature. In this you’ll be asked to click on the symbols one at a time, and each symbol will award you with a prize.

This has to be one of our favourite dog themed slot games, so get playing—we need to break this pup out of the pound!.

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