How To Become A Bingo Chat Moderator

Love bingo as much as we do? Become a CM, and you could make a career out of it!

What is a CM?

CM stands for Chat Moderator. The CM is responsible for running online bingo chat games, monitoring the chat between players, and generally ensuring that everybody’s having a good time.

When a new player enters the chat arena, there’s always a CM on hand to welcome them and answer any questions they may have.

They also hand out bonus points to chat games winners; these can be redeemed against other bingo games on the site.

Who can become a CM?

Anyone with a real passion for bingo has the potential to become a CM. A working knowledge of bingo is a must, so partaking in chat games definitely counts as job research!

Applicants should also be friendly and approachable (at least in an online capacity!), helpful and willing to be assertive — you may need to intervene to settle disputes that naturally arise from time to time.

What’s in it for me?

CMs benefit from a work-from-home arrangement, affording you the opportunity to establish flexible working hours that allow you to fit your job around family life and other commitments.

It is also important to note that working-from-home doesn’t mean you’ll be isolated: the job is sociable by nature, so you can enjoy being a highly valued member of a great community.

Most sites run regular competitions, and you can build prestige by becoming CM of the month — or even of the year!

Next steps

If you think you have what it takes to get into the industry, there’s a couple of things you should do.

Prepare a CV that showcases your talents. Even if you have no direct CM experience, you should be able to demonstrate that being friendly and proactive are in your nature.

Choose the bingo site that you are interested in working for. Email in to the site’s support address: send your CV and a cover letter, highlighting why you think you’d make a great CM. Some sites have specific email addresses for applications, so be sure to do your research!

Keep on the radar: emailing an updated CV in every month will ensure that your name will be kept in mind if a role does come up.

Don’t be disheartened: If your circumstances allow, try to pick up some voluntary work to gain experience. This is easier to find than paid work, and is also a great way to demonstrate your commitment to the role.

Check out jobs boards: These should provide you with an up-to-date list of vacancies, as well as the information to email Bingo Managers directly.

Most importantly... go for it!

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