How To Use BT Landline To Make Online Bingo Deposits...


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Have a BT landline? You may not know that you can use it to make deposits to bingo sites - with nothing more than a phone call! Interested? Read on to find out more...

Phone Bill Depositing

As you know, to play online bingo you need to make deposits to the website. People usually deposit via the common payment methods of credit/debit cards, PayPal and even wire transfers.

Another popular method is mobile phone bill depositing, where a company (such as Boku) will take the payment out of your phone’s credit. Whilst this method is becoming increasingly well-known, many players may be unaware that it’s also available for landlines.

Depositing by landline is easy. Your BT Landline will add the deposit payment to your monthly phone bill. So, for example, if you wanted to deposit £10 for a bingo site, BT Landline would add £10 to the end of your overall phone bill.

Why should I Choose BT Landline?

You may think that landlines are slowly becoming redundant - after all, most households have several mobile phones, while many no longer even have a landline. Yet, landlines do have their advantages…

For example, you don’t need money in your bank account to make payments via your BT Landline. And it’s perfect for when your mobile phone is out of credit.

Play Now. Pay Later.

If you have the bingo fever, don’t wait until the end of the month for your money to come in. Play instantly, and pay for the deposits later.

It couldn’t be easier...

What Do I Need?

You need to be 18 years of age, or older, with a BT Landline and a phone number.

You don’t need access to your bank details, and you don’t need to register for an account - your phone number acts as an account in itself.


1. When depositing on your favourite bingo site, select ‘Deposit by BT Landline’ in the payment options.

clipart image of a phone2. Enter your phone number.

3. Call the number the website gives you. This will send you to an automated line. Follow the steps it provides.

4. Stay on this line until the transaction is complete.

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5. An automated voice system will confirm the payment has gone through.

6. Play bingo to your heart’s content.

Now you know the steps behind BT Landline bill deposits, it’s time to find out more about the pros and cons in order to make an informed decision about using it in your future online bingo playing.



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There’s no set-up required, as long as you have a BT landline. So you don’t have to use your card details or fuss around with any other sensitive information. 

It's a great option if you find yourself with no money in your bank account until the end of the month, and your mobile is out of credit. 

You can also monitor your deposits closely via your monthly phone bill. If there are any discrepancies, you’ll notice them immediately!

Security and Privacy

Nowadays, we have to be careful with what information we share online. There are so many online security threats that it’s plain to see why some people prefer to look for safer options.

image of data security and encryptionBT landline is one of these safer options. It doesn’t require you to offer up any of your sensitive information, and the only detail you need to hand over is your phone number.

It takes away the risk of internet fraud, and lets you rest easy knowing everything is still secure and private.

This is definitely a perk for any security-conscious bingo players out there.

Easy Deposits

It’s super easy to make deposits. BT Landline offers its users a minimum deposit of £1.50, which is great if you don’t want to deposit too much at once.

clipart image of a money bagThere’s a daily deposit limit of £30. This can be a bonus for bingo players who spend just a little bit too much each day, or week. It can help you budget and give you back a bit of self control.

However, if this has you shaking all over in disbelief, have no worries. Unlike some phone bill depositing companies (like Boku), you have the option of calling up BT Landline to change this default deposit cap.

Essentially, the sky’s the limit for BT Landline users!



It can be quite difficult for users of BT landline and other phone bill depositing systems to find bingo sites that accept these forms of payment. clipart of thumbs down

The most popular payment methods (cards and PayPal) can be found in all major bingo websites. In contrast, BT landline and other phone bill depositing systems are mostly accepted by mobile bingo sites.

This lack of availability or popularity leads to another disadvantage for online bingo players: a lack of rewards.

Most sites offer players bonuses or prizes depending on what payment method they’re using.

Some sites offer you a reward for adding your card details. Others offer to match deposits of up to £150 by 100% - this can be a disadvantage if you’re stuck with the default deposit cap of £30. (BT Landline does, however, allow you to change this.)  

If you love making the most of all the rewards and prizes on offer in online bingo, you may feel as though you’re missing out.


BT Landline is only able to transfer £1.50 per minute. If you want a £15 deposit, you have to wait 10 minutes. If you want a £30 deposit, you have to wait 20 minutes for the transaction to be completed!

clipart of a clock faceIt’s pretty exhausting and time consuming.

In addition to the transaction time, the deposit payment itself doesn’t show up in your online bingo account immediately. It can take up to 10 minutes, or even an hour in some cases.

If you’re not in a huge rush, you could just use this time to make yourself a cup of tea. It might be worth the wait - it keeps you safe and secure online after all!

If you hate the idea of wasting your precious bingo playing time, you could switch to using a mobile bill depositing system like Boku.

The principle behind Boku is essentially the same: you add the deposit amount to your mobile’s monthly bill (or take it out of your Pay As You Go credit). However, it’s considerably quicker: the transaction is made via text, with the payment appearing almost immediately in your online account.  

For more information, check out our article covering phone bill depositing via Boku.


You can’t use BT Landline to make withdrawals for obvious reasons - you don’t want all your earnings being added to your phone’s credit. You don’t want to just spend all your hard-earned winnings on phone calls!

To make withdrawals, you’ll have to hand over your bank details. If you chose BT Landline to make deposits for security reasons, or because you’re wary about sharing your details online, this can be a problem.clipart image of a hand holding money

If you’re really hesitant about entering your details, you could ask for your payment via cheque, but beware – there are long waiting times.

But maybe that doesn’t matter to you. Maybe you chose to deposit via BT Landline just for the convenience. In that case, it isn’t such a setback – and besides, bingo sites are equipped with top-level security, so you should have nothing to fear.

Now, we’ve looked over the pros and cons of using BT Landline as your method of payment, let’s look at which bingo sites accept it….

Which Bingo Sites Accept BT Landline Payments?


Moobile offers new users £5 for registering, with no deposit necessary. You can deposit £10 and get a £10 bonus in return!


Winneroo offers new users £5 for registering, with no deposit necessary. It also offers to match your first deposit  of up to £150 with a 100% bonus match!

Lady Lucks

Lady Lucks offers new users £5 for registering, with no deposit necessary. It also offers new users a friendly welcome bonus of £20!

Touch My Bingo

Touch My Bingo offers new users £5 for registering, with no deposit necessary. It also offers its users a 100% bonus match on their first three deposits!

Logos for mobile bingo sites

These are the most popular sites that accept BT Landline payments. You can use your internet-savvy detective skills to search for more. Or you could make use of BingoPort’s site reviews page to track down any that we may have missed!


The option of paying bingo deposits via BT Landline certainly opens the doors to yet another demographic. It’s an attractive option for bingo players who might find themselves in a bit of a bind - remember, Play Now, Pay Later.clipart image of a lightbulb

If you’re a BT landline user anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose from giving it a try.

Test the waters with a small deposit of £1.50, and it might grow to be your new favourite method of depositing in no time.

If you have a need for speed however, this method may be a little bit too slow for your fast-paced lifestyle.

Don’t worry if BT Landline doesn’t sound right for you – there are plenty of ways to deposit. You could stick to the classic option of using your card, or even try an alternative phone bill depositing provider, like Boku. As such, you might want to stick to using your card, or go out on a limb and try out Boku. After all, some of us like to live our bingo lives in the fast lane.


Still not sure if phone bill depositing is for you? Check out our 'Signs That You Should Switch to Phone Bill Depositing'.


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