UK Bans Gambling on Credit Cards


From 14th April, UK players will no longer be able to gamble online or offline using credit cards.

The UK Gambling Commission has announced the ban on gambling with credit cards as a move to protect potential problem gamblers and cut down on irresponsible gambling that leads to financial harm.

The new legislation will come into play 14th April 2020, by which time all UK gambling sites, betting shops, and casinos must have removed the ability to gamble using a credit card from their business.

Will the ban apply to online bingo?

The ban applies to all UK online and offline gambling including online bingo, online slots and casino, and high street betting shops.

The only exception will be certain lottery products, like the National Lottery.

Why has this ban been brought in?

The move is based on the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s announcement that “gambling with borrowed money, including with a credit card, is a well-established risk factor for harmful gambling as it significantly increases the risk that consumers will gamble with more money than they can afford”.

Following this, the UKGC then researched gambling with credit cards to gather more data. They contacted a variety of sources, including:

  • Customers harmed by credit card gambling
  • Members of the public
  • Charities that support problem gamblers
  • High street bookmakers
  • Online gambling operators
  • E-wallet providers
  • And more

The UKGC’s research found that credit cards are disproportionately used for gambling by individuals who are experiencing harm.

In their online survey, more than a fifth of gamblers who used credit cards were problem gamblers.

How does this affect how you can play online?

From April 14th, players can still deposit using debit cards, e-wallets (but not by using a credit card), mobile bill, and more.

Credit cards will no longer be allowed when gambling online or offline.


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