What Type Of Bingo Roomie Are You?


Well, we’ve already looked at what type of bingo player you are, and which bingo site suits your personality, but we haven’t looked at the role of the chatroom. There are thousands of bingo players online, and for many of them, the chatroom is just as big a part of the bingo experience as the game itself. So what types of roomies are out there? Read on to find out what kind of bingo roomie you are!

The Wise Veteran

gif of a woman talking about 'superior wisdom'

You’ve been playing online bingo for a few years now, and in that time you’ve gone through the painstaking process of going from newbie to veteran. You’ve dabbled in Chat Moderating, because you have so much helpful advice to offer newbies. You’re on chatrooms most days, helping newbies get to grips with everything bingo-related. With your wide experience, you’re always willing to give people your opinions on the latest bingo sites—you’re one of the most popular roomies in the chatroom!

The Mother/Father Bear

gif of a man saying 'you're too precious'

Every bingo chatroom has a mother/father bear. You’re the most protective of all roomies. You get so enthusiastic about protecting your roomie families that you’re prepared to keep them in bubble wrap to protect them from harm! You are the pillar of the chatroom community—it doesn’t matter if it’s rain or shine, you’re there. When your roomies are crying in the chatroom or venting about their day-to-day lives, you’re the one offering up your shoulder. You probably deserve an award for your hard work as the chatroom Agony Aunt!

The Newbie

gif of a confused girl

Whether you’ve played bingo a lot or not, you’re still a chatroom newbie. When your roomies are saying hi to each other and catching up, you’re still frantically reaching for the bingo lingo guide, or the bingo etiquette cheat sheet. You still struggle with the abbreviations, and your roomies know by now that it might take you a few minutes to respond because of it. Despite this, you have a lot of enthusiasm and energy—so much so, that your roomies occasionally ask you to tone it down a little. You’ll learn soon enough.

The Enthusiastic Social Butterfly

gif of a girl saying 'i'm so popular'

You are the ultimate bingo social butterfly. It’s not enough for you to just participate in chatrooms, you have to lead the chatroom. You’re connected to every social media platform for every bingo site you play on. It’s like your own spider’s web—everything is connected, and you’re never out of the loop. If there’s a new bonus or jackpot, you’re the first to hear about it. You’re active on so many chatrooms, that you probably have a hundred roomies or so. Most people crash and burn after the first few weeks, but not you—you’re unstoppable!

The Bragger

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You don’t know the meaning of humble. At all. When you win at bingo, everyone in the chatroom knows about it—no matter how big or small it was. You love to brag so much, that you like to message roomies in real time—you go through the entire bingo game, letting roomies know when you’ve got 3TG all the way up to House! Whilst it’s good that you’re so enthusiastic, you might want to tone it down a little. Otherwise, a few of your roomies might strangle you give you a stern telling off.

The Recluse

gif of a socially awkward man

You’re the lone wolf of the chatroom. You’re only ever seen when the big jackpots are finished, and your bingo playing is at an end. You tend to stay away from the chatrooms so you can spend a little bit more time trying to bag that life-changing jackpot. Despite your cold attitude, you do have a few roomies that you speak to on the chatroom. You like to catch up, but you need them to know that bingo and jackpots are your biggest priority. You could do with learning how to juggle the chatroom and playing at the same time.

The Drifter

gif of a man disappearing

You’re a bit unreliable when it comes to the chatroom. You joined bingo with the intention to play, play, play! And you do. You just don’t do it as much as other people. In fact, you have a slight tendency to take a few months away from bingo every now and again. It’s a bit like a phase—sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to play or chat. Some months, you’re chatting away to your roomies and other months, you’re nowhere to be found. You might want to start warning roomies when you’re going to disappear for a while—just so they know you’re okay!

The Blabbermouth

gif of a woman saying 'i tune myself out'

When you start talking in the chatroom, you don’t stop. Like ever—at least until everyone’s left the chatroom. You don’t seem to have a filter, so you like to tell everyone and anyone about all your woes. Whether it’s your recent trip to the doctor, or a horrifying incident in which you stubbed your toe—everyone needs to know about it. You like to vent, and you mean no harm, but sometimes it can be a bit too overwhelming. You might want to dial it back a little, and decide if what you’re about to say is something you’d say to your own mother. That’ll probably do the trick!

The Encourager

gif of a woman cheerleading

You’re like the chatroom’s unofficial cheerleader. You’re probably the complete opposite of the bragger, simply because you’re so content to let other people go for the big prizes. When games get tense, and people start to lose their tempers, you’re there to calm everyone down. You’re the one happily telling people ‘3TG!’ and ‘OMG WTG!’ to the winner. Your excitement and enthusiasm for your roomies is unparalleled, and you certainly liven up the atmosphere. You help your roomies stay optimistic, and pull them through the 10 stages of losing at bingo, with no problem at all!

So what type of roomie are you? Let us know in the comments!



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