Bingo Shop

Your BingoPort Port Points are worth much more than just the entertainment you receive while earning them.Through our newly launched Free Bingo software, you can now choose from an ever-expanding list of items to purchase with your Port Points. Some of the items currently available include:
  • Virtual Items - Collect special limited edition virtual items to display on your profile for all members to see, like our limited edition 4th Birthday badge, or our special commemorative Royal Wedding badge; Or choose from our constantly growing list of novelty items and be the first of your friends to complete an item set.
  • Real Bingo Cash - Save your Port Points and use them to purchase real bingo cash at a rapidly increasing number of participating bingo sites. Play enough Free Bingo at BingoPort and you may never spend your own money at a bingo site again.
  • Bingoport Sweepstakes Entries - Every month, BingoPort members have the chance to share in some fantastic sweepstakes prizes. Entries can be purchased in the shop as single tickets, or in books of 5 or 10. It's plain and simple. The more tickets you purchase, the greater your chance of winning one of the 20 prizes drawn at the end of each month. Prizes like holidays, cold hard cash and household electrical items are all rumoured to be on the agenda and you can purchase your entries as any other item in the redemption shop. Click here to view this month's Bingoport Sweepstakes prizes.
Click here to load our Free Bingo game and view all the items currently available for redemption with your Port Points. Important Notice Due to licensing restrictions, slots winnings cannot be used for purchases for items of real value, including bingo cash. How are slot winnings calculated? From May 12, your nett slot winnings will be garnished from your Port Points balance when you attempt to redeem items of real value as mentioned above. So, if you have a Port Points balance of 10,000 points and your nett slot winnings since May 12 are 5,000 points, you will only have 5,000 of your Port Points available to redeem certain items. Nett Slot Winnings are your total points won on slots, minus your total points bet on slots. e.g. If your total slots wins = 6000 points and your total slots bets = 5000 points, your nett slots winnings are 1000 points In this instance, regardless of your actual Port Points balance, you will always have 1000 points withheld from it when you attempt to redeem certain items. How do I get rid of my nett slots winnings? There are 2 ways to lower your nett slots winnings. 1. Spend more points in the slots (Keep playing slots until your total slots wins are less than or equal to your total slots bets) 2. Purchase badge items (All badge purchases are now counted as slots bets, so you can reduce your nett slots winnings by purchasing badges)