10 Bingo Calls with a 21st Century Twist


One of the most familiar things about bingo halls is the calls accompanying every number. These slang terms might rhyme with the number, look like it (two little ducks!), or even have historical significance.

While the game of bingo has adapted to the 21st century with the rise of online bingo sites, the famous call outs haven’t evolved. Traditional bingo calls like ‘two fat ladies’ (88) might be classics, but they are starting to feel a bit dated.

We’ve come up with some new bingo puns that are funny, modern and, sometimes, just a little bit rude.


Funny modern bingo calls

Bring your bingo game into the 2020s with these fun bingo calls from this side of the millennium.


Number 1: One Direction

One Direction band members

Say 'One' and you might think 'Direction!' Harry Styles and his crew really took the boyband trend of the 90s to an entirely new level. When it came for a call for number 1, there was really no other direction to go!


Number 3: Cup of Herbal Tea

Pouring tea into a cup

It's the 21st century, nobody has English Breakfast with a dash of milk anymore! Walk into any hipster cafe and expect to see at least 50 blends, all boasting different benefits. Lavender-sleep-stress-relief-antioxidant-immunity blend, anyone?


Number 9: Selfie Time

Taking a selfie gif

Come on everybody, get out your selfie sticks! If you don't have one, you can always balance your iPhone on your bingo blotter. Plus remember to hashtag any photos with #bingo #selfie.


Number 11: Dinner With Bae

Cat in human clothes with human hands eating dinner

It's always lovely to have some one-on-one time with your bae, especially when you're having a nice dinner together. Although most of the time when people talk about having 'dinner with bae' it's most likely going to be a microwave dinner... shared with their cat.


Number 22: Tay-Tay

Taylor Swift

It's difficult to think about the number 22 these days without thinking about Taylor Swift. Her catchy hit '22' has been rocking the radio since 2012, and now we all know 'everything will be alright as long as we keep dancing like we're 22'!


Number 26: Kylie's Lips

Kylie Jenner lip challenge

The 'Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge' was truly one of the most mind-boggling online trends of 2016. Not only did it make anyone who tried it look like a confused fish, it also posed a serious health hazard!


Number 31: Man Bun

Man with giant man bun hairstyle

You're 31 years old and you still have a man bun?! It's time to get the scissors out, hun.


Number 42: Let's Be Havin' You!

Delia Smith

A phrase made famous by a drunk Delia Smith, speaking at the Norwich FC Carrow Road football stadium. Probably one of the best moments of the century so far.


Number 56: Chill with Netflix

Netflix on laptop waving with roses

Laundry? We don’t know her. You can catch us chilling and binging a box set instead, thanks very much. Netflix has changed the way we watch TV and movies forever… Pass the popcorn!


Number 73: Queen Bey

Beyonce dancing to 'Single Ladies' song

Queen Bee? Make way for Queen Bey! Beyonce has become one of the defining figures of this century, going from Destiny's Child leading lady to flawless solo singer and feminist icon.


Rude bingo calls

Hosting a cheeky bingo night? Then you’ll need some naughty bingo calls!


Number 2: Open a window

Are we childish for laughing at “number two”? Maybe. But with this bingo call, at least everyone will be laughing along with us.


Number 18: Down the pub

What’s the first thing people do when they turn 18? Get down the local for a celebratory drink of course! Your round?


Number 27: Take me to heaven

Ooh la la! Be whisked away for a night of passion when number 27 is called! Wine, candles, champagne… or just a takeaway in your PJs? Maybe heaven really is a place on earth.


Number 30: Fit and flirty

Jenna Rink in ‘13 Going on 30’ said it best- “30, flirty, and thriving”. Everyone knows 30 is the new 20, so shout about it with this cheeky bingo call.


Number 33: Dirty knees

Oi oi! It’s an oldie but a goodie; this classic call has kept its place on our modern list, and it’s sure to elicit a few chuckles around the room.


Number 40: Hello naughty!

Call this in your bingo hall and see who looks up! Why not have your players shout something back? “Hello yourself!” Far more amusing than just “two-score”…


Number 54: Granny’s drawers

“Droopy drawers” was always a good classic bingo call, but there’s something extra funny when it’s Granny’s drawers. For some reason, we’re picturing frilly bloomers!


Number 59: Tequila and lime

Love it or hate it, most people have tried tequila at some point. Slap it in a cocktail or have it with lime and salt; you’ll find that a few people may groan and grimace when you call this one!


Number 79: Your place or mine

The big question that doubles as a cheesy pickup line, asking this is sure to fire up an argument about whose house is closer to work, who has the comfiest mattress, and whose housemates are likely to keep you up until four in the morning.


Number 84: Sneak out the back door

Amuse the dirty stop-outs in your audience with this rhyming call. Whether it’s a throwback to slinking out for a night out without your parents knowing, or a scandalous walk of shame, number 84 is sure to get a few wolf-whistles from a rowdy bingo crowd.



All in all, whichever bingo calls you choose to go for, you’re sure to have a great time if you’re playing bingo! Feel free to use these calls at your own bingo night, and learn more about how to host a charity bingo night fundraiser or how to become the best bingo caller with our handy guides.

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