10 Steps a Newbie Goes Through to Become a Bingo Veteran


For the uninitiated, it might be hard to imagine that there’s much difference between bingo newbies and veterans. After all, everyone is playing the same game, everyone has the same chance of winning, and the rules are pretty easy to get the hang of. So how big can the differences really be?

In fact, they’re bigger than you might think. It’s usually pretty easy to tell which of your fellow roomies are taking their first steps into the world of online bingo and which have been playing for years. Each player goes on a journey from fresh-faced newbie to battle-hardened veteran—and we’ve boiled that journey down to just ten steps.

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You might be going through this right now… or you went through all of this years ago…

1. Picking a Bingo Site

You’ve made the (wise) decision to play online bingo, and now you’re looking for that perfect site for you. Now you just have to choose from the thousands of sites out there.

No sweat. You just have to find that one needle in a haystack.

Okay, it can slightly overwhelming… in fact, you don’t even know why you’re doing this.

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2. Sign Up to a Site

So you’ve picked your bingo site. It didn’t take long at all (liar). All you have to do now is sign up. It’s pretty simple—just enter a few details, and then you’re on your way. A bingo deposit later and you can finally start your first game. Woohoo!

The worst is definitely behind you.

And people said this would be hard…

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3. Figure Out Bingo Terms

What on earth are Flash Fives? Is Swedish Bingo just regular bingo with an ABBA soundtrack? And where on earth are people getting all these promotions and bonuses from?

Should you stick with one card or buy a dozen? More cards means more chance of winning… but you could also find it hard to focus on all of those cards…

It’s all a bit confusing…

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4. Wait for Your First Game to Start

Okay, so the tension is officially killing you. Slowly. You’re desperately waiting for your first game to start, hoping that you picked the right card, and that luck might be on your side.

You can’t even begin to understand how bingo players can do this every day.

It’s just too much...

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5. Take Part in Your First Chat Room Discussion

You need to find a way to relax before this game—and what better way than to check out the chat room? There are a ton of great people here—you’ve even spoken to the Chat Moderator (who’s pretty cool), and you’re feeling pretty at ease.

And then they start speaking a language you don’t understand.

What does GLNG even mean? (It’s Good Luck Next Game, by the way.)

It’s just gibberish... how are you supposed to keep up?

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6. Fail at Multi-Tasking

If you’ve ever been to a bingo hall, you’ll know that there’s a time for talking and a time for playing—and once the game starts, the chat stops. In online bingo, though, people chat all the way through the game—which is awesome! Who wants to be sat in silence anyway? Now you can talk to your new roomie friends and play bingo!

Wait. How are you supposed to play and chat at the same time?

You keep going back and forth between the chat and your game, but now you don’t even know if you’re winning or losing!

How does anyone keep up?

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7. Lose Your First Game

So you spent a good five minutes in your first game. There were ups and downs, and for a second, you really thought you were going to win it.

And then you didn’t...

You lost.

And your entire life sucks

You don’t even know why people play this stupid game!

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8. Spend Endless Nights Playing

You wouldn’t call yourself obsessed. You’re just really enthusiastic about bingo. So enthusiastic that you’ve spent every night this week playing…

But how could you stay away? Every night there’s plenty of chat room banter, and you’re sure you’re getting better at this—you might even catch up to the bingo veterans soon! Just another game… or another few… dozen…

You do wish you could get a bit more sleep, though. Or maybe just some more coffee…

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9. Win Your First Game

You’ve finally done it. You’ve won your first ever bingo game. It doesn’t matter whether it was £10 or £10,000—you won!

Even more than the money, you get to soak in the glory of winning. You’re loving every WTG and WDW you get from your fellow roomies (and you even know what these things mean now!) You totally understand why people play this incredible game.

And life is great again...

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10. Give Tips to a Newbie

You spot a newcomer in your room, and without even thinking about it, you’re welcoming them to the chat, giving them your top tips and letting them in on the secrets of bingo lingo.

And then it finally hits you...

You’re no longer a newbie asking questions and badgering for tips...

You’re a bingo veteran!

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Of course, your bingo journey doesn’t end here. It continues every time you login and play a game (okay, maybe a few), and each time you chat with your favourite roomies. And of course, it continues every time you get extra points and promotions through BingoPort.

Here at BingoPort, we love helping players—old and new—in whatever way we can. So why not check out our site reviews for all the latest details, our news page for the latest bingo crazes and our player rewards so you can keep your eye on the prize!

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