Fun Facts About Bingo Daubers

Daubers, dabbers, or dobbers—whatever you call them, they’re an integral part of bingo! Many of us have a special attachment to the one that we use. But what’s so special about them, and where did they originate from? Read on to find out our top fun facts about bingo daubers.

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What is a bingo dauber?

A bingo dauber is basically just a pen that’s used to mark numbers that have been called during a bingo game.

Unlike an ordinary pen, however, they make a distinct, round circle that looks a bit like a bingo chip.

This harks back to the origins of bingo: back in the 1500s in Italy, numbers were drawn on wooden chips which covered the numbers on tickets. Known as ‘Lo Giuco del Lotto d’Italia’, this was the Italian national lottery.

Fun facts about bingo daubers - bingo card with dauber

What’s in a bingo dauber?

Like conventional pens, bingo daubers are full of ink. Many daubers are now non-toxic and non-staining, which is always a good thing!

Are there different types of bingo dauber?

Yes! Bingo daubers exist to suit every player’s personal tastes. Go to any bingo hall across the nation and you’re sure to see a wide range of daubers to suit different personalities.

Some people like plain daubers, so as not to draw attention to themselves, whereas others go all out and use a flamboyant one to reflect their extroverted personalities! You can even get custom daubers made, if you really want to show off.

How do daubers work in online bingo?

The vast majority of online bingo sites offer automatic daubing. You can still choose to do it manually, but if you’ve got a lot of cards then it might not be practical.

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How can I get bingo dauber ink out of my clothes?

We know how easy it is to accidentally get bingo dauber ink on yourself, and we also know how annoying it can be! How many times have you left a mark on your favourite top while playing bingo?

The short answer to this question is that it depends on what item of clothing you’ve stained.

What’s the most common colour of dauber?

Most players prefer the colour of their dauber to be purple. Don’t ask us why!

Pack of 3 bingo dabbers

What do most people call bingo daubers?

Like many things in the English language, you can call a bingo dauber a few different things. Dauber itself is the most common word that people use, followed closely by dabber, and then by dobber.

No matter what you call it, we don’t think people are going to struggle to understand you. Anyway, it’s time to get on with playing bingo! Have you seen our list of the week’s best bingo promotions?

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