Top Gifts for Bingo Enthusiasts

It can sometimes be really difficult to think of gifts for a loved one’s birthday or other special occasion. You don’t just want to buy their favourite chocolates or a bottle of wine again, do you? Well, if you know a fellow bingo lover and want to give them something a bit more personal, why not splash out on a bingo themed gift? You know it makes perfect sense!

So, we’ve picked out some of our favourite bingo gift ideas, to suit every taste and price range.

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Bingo daubers are an integral part of the game—you simply can’t play without one. Yet, many players haven’t actually got their own. What better way to help a friend personalise their bingo experience than by buying them a dauber that suits them? There’s a whole range to choose from and thanks to the internet they’re really easy to get hold of. There’s no need to search out a specialist bingo supplier for any of the bingo gift ideas in this list!

Dab O Ink bingo daubers


If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to check out the ‘Dab O Ink’ dauber. With prices starting at just 69p, anyone can afford one of these! It might not be the most personal of gifts, but this popular dabber has been a mainstay of bingo halls for years, so you can be sure that it’s a trusty workhorse you can rely on. There’s a choice of 6 colours, so get dabbing!

Or, what about a Betty Boop dauber? Everyone’s a fan of the cute cartoon, dating from the 1930s. This dauber is truly individual—it’s sure to stand out in any bingo hall. This means it would make an ideal gift for any trendsetters out there.

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Bingo merchandise

Maybe your loved one just can’t contain their adoration for bingo, and needs to let the whole world know? Well, some of these bingo gift ideas might be perfect for them.

Personalised bingo case

How about this brilliant dauber case? You can choose to personalise the name on the case, the colour of the text, and the colour of the case—all for just £5.95. You don’t even have to use it for bingo purposes—it’s got two internal zipped pockets, so could be ideal for use as a pencil case or makeup bag.

Or what about one of these bingo-themed tote bags? There’s a huge range of designs available, with phrases such as ‘Bingo Beauty’ and ‘Out Of My Way! I’m Going To BINGO!’ adorned on the side of these canvas bags. There’s something for every bingo lover in this selection.

Maybe this bingo mug would be more up your loved one’s street? With this gift they can show off their love for bingo every time they drink a cup of tea. You’ve also got the choice of printing a personalised name and message on the mug, and it comes in a gift presentation box.

You might not know this, but as well as watching films on DVD players, you can also play games—including bingo! These interactive bingo games provide great value for money, and there’s a nice range of themes to choose from. A Bingo Game DVD, for instance, would be a great gift for a bingo lover.

Bingo kits

Maybe you’ve got a friend who’s truly dedicated to their love of the game. Well, if so, look no further. A bingo kit could be exactly what they need—it’s surely the ultimate gift for a real bingo enthusiast!

Bingo cage kit

Keeping things old school, we’ve got this reliable bingo cage kit. Every time you turn the handle, it releases a ball which rolls down the chute, ready to be called. This would be perfect for bringing the game of bingo home.

At the other end of the scale, there are electronic bingo machines. This really is top-of-the-range, and would only be suitable as a gift for the most devoted bingo player!

Whether you grab a mug, a DVD or even a bingo machine, we’re sure your gifts will be well received. And don’t forget, even if you don’t know a fellow bingo lover with a milestone occasion coming up, you need to treat yourself sometimes.

For keeping up to date with all things bingo, don’t forget to check our news section. Happy playing!

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