What Is BingoPort?

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BingoPort is a place where new or experienced bingo players can go to compare the infinite number of bingo sites that exist.

Are you new to online bingo? Unsure as to which bingo site you should join? BingoPort has the answers for you.

Our website has a simple layout, offering site reviews for new bingo sites and award-winning sites. There’s no need to bother wasting your hours trying out several bingo sites only to find they’re not what you expected – BingoPort does all of the heavy lifting for you.

BingoPort offers you exclusive information about individual bingo sites: the pros, the cons, and the bonus packages. There’s no need for endless trawling through sites to find the best ones: BingoPort has the full lowdown on all the good and bad points of each site – ready and waiting for you. Not only that, but our member reviews offer unique perspectives on each site, so that you can make an informed choice.

Our site reviews even show you the simplest ways to make deposits and withdrawals. BingoPort is the perfect solution for a newbie playing bingo online for the first time, or for an experienced bingo player looking to make the most of online bingo. When you join, you’ll wonder how you ever played bingo without it.

Why Should I Join?

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Our reviews keep you informed of all the best offers and rewards to be found anywhere online. We’ll let you in on all the most important info about every bingo siteyou could think of. Tempted by the award-winning Foxy Bingo, for example? Played there, reviewed that. Did you know that Foxy gives you £5 absolutely free, no deposit required?

What about Gala Bingo? Spend just £5 there, and you’ll get a whopping £35 to play with. It’s this kind of info that helps you choose the best places to play bingo online – and luckily for you, we’ve got the info on all the best bingo promotions and offers from all the best sites. Take advantage of our bingo wisdom and the latest bingo news, and you’ll soon find the right site for you – and maybe, just maybe, win big.


If that's not enough for you, there's always our Points System...

Bingo is a game of chance… and sometimes, the scales tip in our favour. Who could forget the amazing story of Christine Johnstone, the Welsh grandma who won £1.3 million overnight on Sky Bingo?

Sadly, in bingo, as in life, it doesn’t always work that way, and Lady Luck isn’t on our side. Sometimes, we need a little bit extra to offset a spell of bad luck. Fortunately, BingoPort’s points system can turn a loss into a win by giving you points just for playing bingo. Earn Port Points for joining BingoPort, signing up at a new bingo site, or making a deposit. Then, treat yourself! Racking up Port Points gives you the chance to get shopping vouchers, prizes, and bonus cash – plus a whole lot more!

Screenshot of BingoPort's Rewards categoriesBy joining BingoPort, you’ll be given a grand prize of 4,000 points – and that’s just for signing up. Continuing your journey through BingoPort gives you exclusive access to rewards and offers which can be used across a wide range of bingo sites. So, love bingo? Want to be rewarded just for playing? Sign up to BingoPort!

By becoming a fully-fledged BingoPort member, you’ll rack up Port Points, and get the chance to win an amazing jackpot of Amazon vouchers, great tech, and even free bingo money!

Want to earn even more points? Get involved on the BingoPort site and you’ll get points for commenting on articles, writing testimonials, and completing surveys.

Port Points are just one of the ways that BingoPort makes playing bingo even more rewarding.

But, as they say, money isn’t everything. Our rewards and offers are fantastic, but the one thing our members value even more is the great BingoPort community.



Spend just ten minutes on BingoPort, and it’s clear that the site is about more than just playing bingo.

BingoPort has a real sense of community. Experienced users welcome newbies into the BingoPort family (albeit one with a slight obsession with online bingo!). This year, that sense of family became literal as it turned out that two BingoPort regulars were actually long-lost sisters who had been playing and chatting with each other for years – they had no idea that they were related! It’s this sense of unity and togetherness that helps define BingoPort – a site that’s as much about connecting with people as it is playing against them.

Our recent exclusive interview with a Chat Moderator makes it clear that our users really value the tight-knit community at BingoPort. Friendships develop here, and even carry on offline – there have even been a few BingoPort romances! Joining BingoPort is about so much more than just a game, it’s an opportunity to make life-long friends.

There’s nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain from joining BingoPort. From our fabulous rewards to our strong community feel, is it any wonder we’ve won so many awards of our own?

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