How Are Bingo Sites Made?

It’s natural for anyone who plays a lot of bingo (so most of us!) to start fixating on the finer details of our favourite game. And, especially with so many new sites popping up on the market seemingly every week, you could be forgiven for asking the question: how are bingo sites made? Well, at BingoPort we’re here to serve, so we’ve created a handy guide to the ins and outs of creating a bingo site.

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Different software providers

The first step in creating a bingo website is choosing the software system which will provide the bingo games, slots, and instant wins. Even though there are hundreds of bingo sites which serve the UK market alone, 80% of them are powered by just four software providers: Dragonfish, Playtech (formerly known as Virtue Fusion), Jumpman Gaming, and Cozy Games. We’re sure you’ve got your favourite out of these different platforms—we've outlined the key differences between them in this handy article.

How are bingo sites made? With the help of these software providers

Proprietary software

Of course, there are many other smaller companies that provide similar services, and some sites even choose to have their own proprietary software created, such as Tombola and Bingocams. By investing in these solutions, though, the owners of the websites run a few risks. For example, one of the big advantages of creating a bingo site with a major software provider is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a lively community, with large numbers of players in the rooms. Creating an individual software system can reduce the potential pool of players by a huge amount. Also, the cost of creating a site from scratch can be massive compared to joining one of the big brands.

That being said, developing a unique type of bingo software has some key advantages. For instance, you retain complete control over the type of games you offer. It's also possible to offer features that aren’t seen anywhere else (as we’ve seen on Bingocams with their innovative live webcam feature).

'White-label sites'

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Nevertheless, the vast majority of new bingo sites are what are known are ‘white label’ sites. This means that they run on one of the larger software providers, and the only major difference is the appearance of the site.

This suits many site owners, as it allows them to spend more time concentrating on running the business rather than having to focus on the intricacies of software development.

Effectively, much of the hard work is handled by the software suppliers—what's left to the owners is the design, the domain name, and the promotion of the site.

To run a successful bingo site requires a lot of investment in advertising, and the site really needs to stand out from the crowd. It comes with great rewards though—who wouldn't want to bring joy to thousands of bingo players nationwide?

We hope that this article has given you a valuable insight into how bingo sites are made, and maybe even have inspired some of you to have a go yourselves! If you'd rather stick to playing bingo, however, don't miss out on our player rewards and the latest bingo news!

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