Gold Membership

Gold Membership to BingoPort gives you access to the full range of items in our Port Points Store, including shopping vouchers, electronics, household appliances and other merchandise. You'll also be able to redeem your Port Points for PayPal cash, very soon. Keep checking back to find out more.

How do I achieve Gold Membership status?

Advancement to Gold membership level is very achievable. To reach Gold membership, you need to have;

  • Joined and deposited at 4 or more participating sites in total via the BingoPort Player Rewards program
  • In the last 30 days, joined 1 new participating site or redeposited at a participating site that you have previously joined via the BingoPort Player Rewards program 

The best place to look to earn Port Points is on our Enhanced Port Points for Joining page.

Eligibility for Gold membership is determined at the end of each calendar month. If you fulfil the requirements of Gold membership this month, you will be upgraded to Gold membership status on the 1st business day next month

If you have any queries about your membership level, or advancement to other levels, please don't hesitate to contact us

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