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Pablo's Nuts Voucher! Win up to £5 bonus cash

Redeem now for 3000 PPTs

Pablo's Nuts is unique and addictively fun game at Circus Bingo. Swipe 3 or more matching nuts then let go to pop! The more pop the better you'll feel as you could earn up to £5 bonus cash just by popping those nuts! But hurry, time isn't on your side, so pop as many as you can before the timer runs down. Redeem 3,000 port points now for a free pass to the Pablo's Nuts game, and we know you'll be back for more!

If you haven't already joined Circus Bingo, click here to join before you request your redemption.

You will need to have an active funded account at Circus Bingo to redeem for a Pablo's Nuts Voucher for and you will need to provide us with your correct username in order for your bonus cash to be credited. To clarify, an active funded account means you must have made a deposit at Circus Bingo in the last 60 days. If you have not made a deposit in the last 60 days, your redemption request will not be fulfilled and you may lose your Port Points.

Redemptions are processed every Thursday (if purchased by Wednesday night) and usually credited within 48 hours of processing.

Please note: If you redeem for this Pablo's Nuts voucher item after Midnight on Wednesday, you will not receive your bonus until the end of the following week. We request that you contact us only if you have not received your bonus within 10 days of redeeming.