Bingo Star Signs

You’re probably familiar with star signs - who doesn’t love to check their horoscope in the paper? But did you know that you can use your star sign to figure out what kind of bingo player you are? We’ve created exclusive BingoPort star sign factfiles below. Find out what role you’re destined to play in the world of bingo, who you’re compatible with and which bingo site is best for you.

January 20 - February 18

image of Aquarius star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Gemini, Libra
Bingo Role: Bingo Trendsetter
Best Quality: Independent
Worst Quality: Detached
Recommended Site: William Hill Bingo

Aquarius bingo players are energetic, social and independent. They love to chat with fellow roomies and offer opinions and advice. However, they tend to be shy with players they don’t know. They also require a bit of alone time, so if they don’t respond in the chatroom, don’t take it personally! As an air sign, they’re known for pushing the boundaries. You won’t find these bingo players constraining themselves to the same bingo site—so don’t be shocked when they start chatting about a new bingo site they’ve tried out.

February 19 - March 20

image of Pisces star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Cancer, Scorpio
Bingo Role: Chat Moderator
Best Quality: Sociable
Worst Quality: Naive
Recommended Site: Mecca Bingo

Pisces bingo players are imaginative, creative and very sociable. You’ll always find them in the company of new bingo players, so don’t be surprised if they start chatting to you out of the blue! They can be too trusting at times, so it’s recommended they take a look at our security tips to prevent them from falling for any scams. As a water sign, they are known for being empathetic—they have a gift for picking up on the moods in the chatroom, and they’ll always welcome you with open arms. These helpful traits make Pisces players perfect for the role of Chat Moderator.

March 21 - April 19

image of Aries star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Leo, Sagittarius
Bingo Role: Risk Taker
Best Quality: Passionate
Worst Quality: Temperamental
Recommended Site: Showreel Bingo 

Aries bingo players are enthusiastic, optimistic and independent. They don’t fear challenges, and they’re always encouraging their roomies to go all in! These players may have a slight tendency to lose their temper when they lose—so we’d advise giving them a little space. (Our ten stages of losing might give you a preview of how they might react!) Luckily, these players have a tendency to bounce back from their losses quickly enough. As a fire sign, they like to take action—these players will take full advantage of every promotion and bonus they come across.

April 20 - May 20

Image of Taurus star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Virgo, Capricorn
Bingo Role: Roomie Protector
Best Quality: Patient
Worst Quality: Stubborn
Recommended Site: 888 Ladies

Taurus bingo players are reliable, patient and kind. These players will put up with loss after loss, because they know they’ll win eventually. They are renowned for their stubborn nature—so don’t be surprised if they don’t want to try out a new bingo site. It’s difficult to change the mind of a Taurus bingo player. This stubbornness can actually be a positive trait, however, because they are very loyal to their friends—you definitely don’t want to insult a roomie who’s friends with a Taurus bingo player! As an earth sign, they are very gentle—which is great for newbies who have a lot of questions!

May 21 - June 20

Image of Gemini star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Libra, Aquarius
Bingo role: Site Tester
Best Quality: Humorous
Worst Quality: Inconsistent
Recommended Site: Barbados Bingo

Gemini bingo players are witty, curious and very adaptable. They are the life of the party in the chatroom—always making the newbies feel welcome. They can be a little hesitant, which can get in the way of them winning big jackpots. They’re also always looking for their other half—which is why they love to make new friends. As an air sign, they have the urge to try everything out—they want to experience as much as possible! So, expect to find them testing out new sites all the time. Beware—once you start chatting with a Gemini, you won’t be able to get away!

June 21 - July 22

Image of Cancer star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Scorpio, Pisces
Bingo Role: Roomie Confidant
Best Quality: Empathetic
Worst Quality: Over-emotional
Recommended Site: Bet365 Bingo

Cancer bingo players are imaginative, dependable and empathetic. They take care of their roomies like they’re family. They can be manipulative at times—don’t be surprised if they keep a certain bonus or promotion to themselves. They make up for this weakness with their loyalty to their friends. As a water sign, they’re very empathetic and prepared to listen to all of your woes. These players will always offer their shoulder to their roomies, without ever asking for anything in return. They should be treated with care, as they can be overly emotional and easily hurt.

July 23 - August 22

Image of Leo star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Aries, Sagittarius
Bingo Role: Life of the Party
Best Quality: Optimistic
Worst Quality: Arrogant
Recommended Site: Paddy Power Bingo

Leo bingo players are passionate, humorous and the life of the party. Their confidence and passion is contagious to their fellow roomies. They can be quite self-centered at times, so expect a bit of bragging every time they win. They make up for this with their ability to cheer you on through your every loss. As a fire sign, their enthusiasm has the ability to unite groups of roomies across bingo sites. They can be inflexible, but they are very committed to their roomies—you won’t find this level of loyalty anywhere else.

August 23 - September 22

Image of Leo star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Taurus, Capricorn
Bingo role: Bingo Site Expert
Best Quality: Practical
Worst Quality: Judgemental
Recommended Site: Bucky Bingo

Virgo bingo players are hardworking, loyal and level-headed. They tend to be shy to begin with, so approach them carefully in the chatroom. Once you crack open their shell, they’re great roomies who will help with any problem. They can be too practical at times; they have a prickly nature and they dislike rudeness. So, check up on your bingo etiquette before chatting with them! As an earth sign, they have a ‘work and no play’ attitude (even when bingo is involved!)—so expect them not to pay much attention to the chat if there’s a big jackpot to be won. Their organized mindset makes them unlikely to take crazy risks.

September 23 - October 22

Image of Libra star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Gemini, Aquarius
Bingo role: Chatroom Diplomat
Best Quality: Diplomatic
Worst Quality: Indecisive
Recommended Site: Duck Duck Bingo

Libra bingo players are cooperative, diplomatic and charming. You’ll often find these players settling disputes in the chatroom. Despite this social nature, they are known for carrying a grudge, so try not to brag if you steal one of their bingo wins. These players hate to be alone, so say ‘hi’ when you’re in the chatroom—but don’t hog the chat, they kind of hate loudmouths. As an air sign, they’re a natural diplomat with a fair-minded attitude; you can always go to a Libra player for a balanced perspective.

October 23 - November 21

Image of Scorpio star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Cancer, Pisces
Bingo role: Lifetime Roomie
Best Quality: Ambitious
Worst Quality: Secretive
Recommended Site: Gala Bingo

Scorpio bingo players are resourceful, sociable and determined. They are true friends who will stick by their roomies through thick and thin. They are natural born leaders—however, they have a tendency to be very secretive. They’re not very willing to share their promotions and bonuses, but only because they have a need to triumph in everything they do! As a water sign, they’re cool and calm no matter the situation—you won’t find these players breaking out in a sweat, even if there’s a huge jackpot at stake! Their ambitious nature drives them to aim for the stars in everything they do.

November 22 - December 21

Image of Sagittarius star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Aries, Leo
Bingo role: Bingo Explorer
Best Quality: Adventurous
Worst Quality: Tactless
Recommended Site: Wink Bingo

Sagittarius bingo players are generous, humorous and very adventurous. They are curious by nature, so they love to explore various bingo sites all at once. They act on instinct, and are known for saying exactly what’s on their minds—don’t be offended if they accidentally insult you. They offset their tactless nature with a great sense of humour which attracts several chatroom groups. As a fire sign, their enthusiasm knows no bounds—they want to experience everything bingo has to offer. Their optimism has their roomies believing anything is possible in no time at all.

December 22 - January 19

Image of Capricorn star sign horoscope

Compatible with: Taurus, Virgo
Bingo role: Newbie Mentor
Best Quality: Wise
Worst Quality: Moody
Recommended Site: Zoe's Bingo

Capricorn bingo players are responsible, disciplined and determined. They often remind their roomies of a parent or mentor—they are always offering up tidbits of advice. They can seem a little condescending with their know-it-all attitude, but they only want to help their roomies who are like family to them. As an earth sign, they’re quite serious, with a need to challenge themselves. They usually expect the worst, so it’s always a great surprise when they win a jackpot. Despite their workaholic nature, they have a great sense of humour for their roomies.



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