Things You Can Do Playing Online Bingo that Would Never Be Okay in a Bingo Hall

Telling secrets

Despite the rise of online bingo, many of us still enjoy a night out at our favourite local bingo hall to play a few great games. Playing both online and offline, however, gives us some insight into just how different the two worlds are.

If you’re a bingo veteran, you’ll undoubtedly know that certain things which are commonplace when playing bingo online simply wouldn’t fly in a bingo hall. Here are just a few major no-nos in land-based bingo that are totally normal online.

Not sticking to the dress code

Dress rack

Okay, you probably don’t need to turn up to Gala or Mecca in a suit or ballgown. But you will need to be wearing clothes that are at least generally acceptable in public. Turning up in a onesie or set of pajamas is probably a bit of a faux pas—unless you’re holding a special, themed charity bingo event, that is. With online bingo, however, you can play in the comfort of your own home, wearing whatever you like (even your birthday suit—though perhaps don’t mention it to your fellow roomies!).

Turning up with just loose change

Penny in hand

Imagine arriving at a bingo hall armed only with a few coppers in the bottom of your purse. There’s no way you’d be able to afford game tickets—let alone pay for food and drink when you get through the doors. In the world of online bingo, though, this isn’t a problem. Plenty of sites offer tickets starting from just a penny, with the chance to win real cash prizes. Better still, you can even play free bingo games, giving you all of the thrill for none of the cost.

Chat to your heart’s content

Friends chatting

We all know the drill: it’s perfectly fine to chat to your friends in a bingo hall… until “eyes down” is called, that is. From that point on, you’re expected to keep quiet—after all, everyone should be paying attention to the numbers called. In online bingo, however, the chat room stays active during games, and it’s more than fine to have a bit of a natter with fellow roomies (speaking in bingo lingo, naturally). Many games even offer automatic dabbing, so you don’t have to worry about missing a call!

Choose a different type of bingo…

Bingo cards

Have you ever tried walking up to the bingo caller at your local hall and asking if, instead of the usual 90-ball bingo, they could switch it up with a little 40-ball or Swedish bingo? We thought not. With online bingo, however, the choice is yours. Many sites offer some incredible variations of bingo—there’s even Slingo, which mixes the best of bingo and slots into one game. Bingo halls, meanwhile, typically offer only the ‘classic’ variations (75-ball and 90 ball, most popular in US bingo halls and UK bingo halls respectively). While we obviously love these games, sometimes we just want something a bit different!

…or start playing a different game altogether

Slot machine close up

Despite their name, online bingo sites offer so much more than just one game. Their main offering is complemented with numerous side games to help you mix up the fun. Notable amongst this is the world of different themed slot games to play when you want a break from the bingo action. Meanwhile, there are plenty of exciting chat games that you can play alongside your roomies during a bingo game, including quizzes and themed games. We wouldn’t advise trying to deviate from the bingo when playing in a hall—the reception might be quite stony!


Here at BingoPort, we love all types of bingo—no matter the setting. Nevertheless, it’s clear that playing online gives you more choice and flexibility, combined with a fantastic community vibe that quiet bingo halls often can’t provide.

We’re here to help you get the most of playing bingo online. So, why not start by checking out all the latest bingo promotions—or, if you’re a completely new player, by signing up to one of our award-winning bingo sites? Join in the fun today!

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