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Bingo Clubs and Bingo Halls In The UK

Before online bingo websites started launching themselves onto the internet, bingo halls and land based bingo were the only ways bingo fans were able to enjoy their favourite game.

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Years ago, bingo games were played in small halls and social clubs, but as the popularity of the game grew, so did the bingo and gaming industry, and many bingo hall chains began popping up, and now, in the UK, there are hundreds of bingo halls across of the nation, with over 300 of them being bingo halls of the Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo brand  – the two most successful bingo operators in the country. 

In most major towns and cities in the UK, there is a Mecca or Gala bingo club, and these operators have been sure to add features and amenities to every one of their bingo clubs to ensure that bingo fans can indulge in hours of fun. Although bingo clubs supply the main thing players look for – bingo games and enticing cash prizes – most main bingo halls now supply bingo fans with a great deal more than their favourite game. 
These days, it’s not unusual to walk into a bingo club in the UK to find a bar selling alcohol and beverages, a cafe or canteen that sells fresh, hot food and a casino area full of slot machines and instant win favourites. 
By adding these facilities and comforts to their halls, bingo clubs have created a space where bingo fans can visit and enjoy a bite to eat and drink, and maybe dabble on the slots before, and in between, bingo games, and all of these features make for a fantastic evening/afternoon out with friends. Bingo is a very social game, and although socialising and interaction isn’t really required in order to play the game, it has always been a game that players enjoy with a friend, or with a crowd of like-minded individuals, and although a great deal of land based bingo halls in the UK have lost a percentage of their players to online bingo, it’s clear thousands of people still prefer to chat face to face with their bingo buddies at their local hall, than chat via the chat rooms that sit in every bingo room online. Shortly after the craze of online bingo hit an all time high, some of the world’s most renowned land based bingo halls launched their very own online bingo sites – including the two UK favourites, Gala and Mecca – and a lot of these sites have become the most popular online bingo sites across the internet, as many players have made the transition from a land based bingo hall to a virtual one.

Wherever you are in the UK, there are many bingo clubs to choose from, and these venues will always be a popular choice for bingo lovers looking for a fun night out with a game that comes complete with the potential to change their lives.

Visit our Bingo Club & Hall Directory to find a club or hall near you

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