Bingo Clubs and Halls in the UK

In the UK you’re never far away from a local bingo hall or club in your hometown. Most major towns and cities in the UK have a bingo club which you can usually join for free. The biggest names in bingo on the high street are arguably Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo, but that all changed when Buzz Bingo came along. In 2018 all Gala Bingo clubs were rebranded to Buzz Bingo to attract a younger bingo playing audience.

Where can you play in a bingo club in the UK?

At BingoPort we have the largest A-Z directory of towns and cities in the UK where you can play bingo in a club or bingo hall. Search for bingo clubs near you in our bingo clubs and halls directory.

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Is Buzz Bingo Gala Bingo?

In short yes, but just on the high street for the bingo clubs. All Gala Bingo clubs are now rebranded as Buzz Bingo which can also be played online. still operates online but has no bingo clubs or halls in the UK.

How many bingo clubs does Mecca have?

Mecca Bingo has been a part of the community since 1961, and has 76 bingo clubs and halls across the UK and offers the National Game as well as a range of bingo and slots games, big money weekends and events plus food and drink.

How many bingo clubs are there in the UK?

According to figures from Mintel, there are over 350 bingo clubs and halls in the UK, but this number is constantly changing. Buzz Bingo is now the largest operator of bingo clubs and halls in the UK after they rebranded from Gala Bingo in 2018.

  • Mecca Bingo still has around 81 clubs in the UK, with 65 clubs in England, 13 clubs in Scotland and 3 bingo halls in Wales.
  • Other notable bingo clubs include Castle Bingo which is prominent in Wales with 8 clubs but also has 3 bingo halls in England.
  • Club 3000 Bingo has 15 clubs mainly in Scotland as does Carlton Bingo with 11 clubs in Scotland.
  • Beacon Bingo has just 6 bingo clubs and Crown Bingo operates with 4 bingo clubs.
  • BJ's Bingo which started in the 1950's has 3 bingo clubs in Leigh, Birmingham and Reading.

How much does it cost to play bingo?

The cost of a game of bingo varies from club to club, but in general you can expect to pay around £20 to get you bingo tickets, food and drink.

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