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75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo’s popularity started in the USA where it was played infinitely more than the UK’s traditional 90 ball bingo, but since the arrival of online bingo, 75 ball bingo is now just as widely played online than any other game type.

75 Ball Tickets

75 ball tickets are separate 5x5 grids that each contain, generally, 24 numbers. This may sound like a confusing sum, but usually, the center number is a blank square. This is sometimes called a ‘free square’. On most 75 ball tickets, you’ll find that each vertical column of 5 squares are labeled at the top, spelling out the word ‘bingo’. The first column named ‘B’ contains numbers from 1 – 15, the ‘I’ column is contains numbers 16 – 30, the ‘N’ column is home to numbers from 31 to 45, the ‘G’ column 46 – 60 and the final column of ‘O’ contains numbers from 61 to 75. You will notice that when bingo numbers are being called in 75 ball bingo, the caller will state the letter before the number. An example: N43.


75 Ball Variants

75 ball bingo games vary, and are played usually one of two ways.One 75 ball bingo game that is exceptionally common consists of two rounds. The first round requires players to mark a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line on their card. Sometimes, some bingo games will accept four corners instead of a line. When this has been claimed, bingo players will play for a pattern, and the pattern is sometimes marked very lightly in colour on your ticket as a guide. Patterns range from letters of the alphabet, numbers to basic shapes like hearts, houses and balls. When the pattern has been formed by a player, the bingo game is then complete. Another common way 75 ball bingo is played is missing out the 1 line prize and heading straight to marking off numbers to form a pattern. This means there is only one round and just one bingo prize.
 Some bingo sites play a straight “cover all” game. This simply means that the person that covers every number on their card wins. There are many variations, but these are the most commonly played in bingo halls and online bingo sites.


Depending on the 75 ball type, bingo prizes can vary. For games that require a one line claim first, this prize is usually slightly lower than the pattern prize. This is because the collective takings for the bingo game have to be shared between the two rounds. For games that play for the pattern only, or purely for the cover all, you will notice the game jackpots are always quite fruitful in comparison. This is because instead of having to share a prize pot amongst different rounds, all money is available for the one winner who claims the singular round. Since online bingo, there are also many jackpots to play for when it comes to 75 ball bingo. Some bingo sites have a special progressive jackpot pattern (a progressive jackpot is a growing separate pot). For example, you may see a jackpot diamond pattern that consists of 16 squares. The progressive jackpot may have the number 20 next to it. This would mean you would have to claim bingo on the diamond pattern within 20 calls to win the game jackpot as well as the progressive jackpot. Some 75 ball jackpot games are played in the ‘cover all’ games where the prize money starts as something large, but drops as the cover all numbers are called. The quicker a card is covered, the more cash is usually won.

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