How To Be The Best Bingo Chat Moderator

If you’re a frequent BingoPort user, you might already be familiar with our guide on how to become a bingo chat moderator. You might have even decided that becoming a CM sounds like the dream job. But what exactly do you need to become the best bingo chat moderator? While anyone could become a CM if they put their mind to it, there are certain skills you need to really flourish. Take a look at our guide and you might nab yourself an award or two.

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What is a Chat Moderator?

Before we get stuck into what it takes to be a CM, we’re going to do a quick overview of everything you need to know about bingo chat moderators.

As you know, CM stands for ‘Chat Moderator’. A CM is in charge of running online bingo chat games and keeping an eye on the chat between bingo players. As a moderator, you have to make sure that roomies aren’t being racist, religiously offensive or inappropriate in any other way. If a roomie is behaving badly enough, you have the authority to ban them from the bingo site. CMs also hand out the bonus points to the winning players of chat games.

A CM is also like a big brother or sister to new bingo players. They guide newbies through their first steps, all the way to them becoming a bingo veteran. If anyone has a query or a serious problem, they’ll usually ask their CM about it.

How do chat games work?

Bingo card cartoonCMs don’t just moderate the chat rooms, they’re also responsible for running the chat games. These games are usually pretty simple, such as guessing games and number games. CMs might even run trivia-themed games, e.g., they might call out a TV character’s name, and the first roomie to name the TV show they belong to wins. The CM will then award the winner(s) with bonus points that they can use on the site.

Of course, some sites like to run more complicated chat games that involve teams. The most important thing as a CM is to remember the exact rules for each game—you don’t want to get confused and accidentally choose the wrong winner. After all, bingo is a very serious affair.

Clearly, any prospective CM will have their work cut out for them—but why exactly should you become one?

What’s so great about being a CM?

You might expect that being a chat moderator would be an unpaid position. In many cases, this is indeed true. However, there are some paid CM positions available—you just need to keep your eyes peeled!

If you are one of the lucky ones who manages to get a paid role as a CM, then life is sweet indeed. After all, being a CM means working from the comfort of your own home, fitting your working hours around your schedule, and—best of all—being paid to play bingo. However, life as a voluntary CM is pretty fantastic too.

Being a CM means being at the heart of the bingo community. It’s your job to provide a lively community with that little extra spark of energy and excitement. Essentially, all you have to do is have fun—and help others have fun too. You’ll make plenty of new friends, guide newbies through the daunting world of online bingo, and could even win an award for best CM! What’s not to like?

What does it take?

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To start, you definitely need a professional CV. You can email this CV to the support team of the bingo site you’re interested in—if you don’t get a reply, you can always email again in a month’s time. Your CV needs to make an impression: it’s a competitive market after all!

You should try to highlight any relevant experience you have. If you’ve worked as a CM before, that’s perfect. If you haven’t—don’t worry. You can always fit your skills around the job. For example, if you’ve worked in a job that required a lot of interaction with people, that fits with the social aspect of a CM’s job. If you’re used to working remotely at home, then you’re suited to the flexible nature of being a CM. As long as you take the time to carefully cater your CV to the job you’re going after, you have every chance in the world of getting it.

Don’t forget to add a cover letter detailing why you want to be a CM. If you’re a fan of the bingo site or you’ve been a loyal member for years, it could work in your favour.

Of course, writing your CV is just scratching the surface of what it really takes to become the best CM. There are vitally important personality traits and characteristics that all prospective CMs need to become the best...

You need to be…


When newbies first join a bingo site, you’re going to be the one they immediately go to for advice. You’re their safety net, helping them through the horrors of wagering requirements and the dreaded bingo blues. Without you, they’d be utterly lost. Of course, you don’t just look after bingo newbies—you’re also a constant presence for bingo veterans looking for someone to complain to about losing yet again and struggling through payment withdrawal issues.

If you want to make an impression, you need to be friendly and approachable to all bingo players. People won’t want to ask for your help if you’re always surly or not talkative enough.


While the journey from bingo newbie to bingo veteran might have been smooth for you, you can be sure that it won’t be as easy for other players. As a CM, you have to be prepared to help with any type of query or issue- no matter how time-consuming or annoying it might be.

Of course, if you want to be able to answer people’s questions then you have to have a working knowledge of everything related to bingo. So, if you need to familiarise yourself with the difference between UK and US bingo or how to make a deposit with Neteller, do so.


As we’ve already said, chat moderators are the ones in charge of the small but fun chat games. The great thing about these games is that they give bingo players the chance to win free bonuses and have even more fun beyond bingo (if that’s even possible). Sometimes they can be simple, and sometimes they can involve crazy team events that span across hours.

Imagination, therefore, can go a long way for CMs—if you’re creative enough, roomies will remember you for years to come.

Able To Hold A Conversation

If the name didn’t give it away, bingo chat rooms are always filled with chatty roomies and incessant conversations. From the topic of favourite bingo sites to reality TV to who’s having what for tea, nothing is too niche to discuss in a bingo chat room. The great thing about these chat rooms is that they’re a great way to socialise with people that you wouldn’t have otherwise met in real life—one of the many benefits of online bingo.

Of course, chat rooms can get very busy—especially if a certain TV show is on, or it’s late on in the day when everyone has gotten home from work. Chat moderators need to be aware of everything that’s going on, to ensure that everyone is following the rules and having fun. If you’re skilled enough, you’ll be able to join in on a conversation while moderating the conversations of other people at the same time.

Are there any downsides?

Right now you’re probably thinking that being a chat moderator sounds ideal. That being said, there are some disadvantages to the role.

It can take new CMs quite a while to get used to the erratic shift pattern of their job. Some days you’ll be working early mornings and other days you’ll be working through the night. If you’re not used to the long hours, you might need an extra cup of coffee (or maybe make it a bucket instead!). While it’s great being able to work from home, you have to make sure you don’t get distracted by anything—it is your job after all.

As a CM, you also have to be the voice of reason. Unfortunately, there are people out there who break the rules of the bingo chat room. Whether it’s using offensive language or being otherwise inappropriate, they’re still breaking the rules. If they don’t listen after a warning from you, then you have to ban them—usually for life. If you’re quite sensitive to these types of situations, you might find it difficult.

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