How Do Bingo Loyalty and VIP Schemes Work?

If you’re a regular reader at the BingoPort blog, you’ll know just how much we—and our other loyal readers of course—love the game of bingo. And what’s not to like about it? It might have a rich history spanning back decades, but that certainly doesn’t make it old-fashioned, out-dated or boring. In fact, there’s nothing more exciting than joining up to a brand new bingo site to take advantage of bonuses and seasonal offers. But what if you’ve been playing on a bingo site for months—or years—and no longer qualify for newbie offers? Fortunately, bingo sites aren’t just looking to attract new players—they also look to keep older customers interested. This is where bingo loyalty and VIP schemes come in.

If you’re a bingo newbie or a bingo veteran looking to brush up on your bingo knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a look at what bingo loyalty and VIP schemes are, how they work, their benefits and whether they’re worth taking advantage of. Hold on BingoPort readers—you’re in for a bumpy and exciting ride!

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Playing Bingo…

There are countless reasons to get into the game of bingo. Firstly, it’s a fun and exciting game. You don’t have to figure out complicated rules to enjoy bingo. In fact, you could start playing it straight away—without any practice at all! Unlike casino games, bingo is easy to follow—even for beginners. Plus, there are so many variants—don’t get us started on the UK vs US bingo debate—that you won’t get bored. Secondly, it’s a game that brings all sorts of people together—even though it’s online. Think we’re exaggerating? You clearly didn’t read up on our heartwarming article on the sisters reunited by bingo. Thirdly, there are a wide variety of bingo health benefits you didn’t even know you were enjoying!

These reasons, of course, aren’t even taking into account the wide number of enticing advantages to online bingo. Almost every bingo site out there offers welcome bonus packages, seasonal offers and exclusive jackpots or competitions. The cream of the crop, however, has to lie in bingo loyalty and VIP schemes. With them, you can get rewarded for your continued loyalty. Find out more below…

Bingo Loyalty Programs: What Are They and How Do They Work?

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Hands down, there’s nothing more exciting than joining up to a new bingo site. Nothing else in the world gets rid of bingo blues faster than trying out a brand new bingo site that you’ve never heard of before. If you’re a complete bingo newbie, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, it’s pretty simple. When you join a new bingo site, you’re practically treated like royalty. Bingo sites are desperate to make a great first impression, which is why they offer new players: welcome bonus packages, access to newbie-only rooms and even first, second and third deposit bonuses.

For some players, however, this honeymoon phase doesn’t last long enough. We’ve seen it a hundred times—players getting bored because they’re not getting the same special treatment they were getting at the beginning. As we tell all players, you’re clearly not looking hard enough if you really think that’s the case. Almost every bingo site out there has its own loyalty and VIP scheme, designed to reward the players that keep coming back. So no, the fun doesn’t end when you stop being a bingo newbie—it only begins…

The basic premise of a bingo loyalty scheme is that it rewards the players who continue to play and spend money on the site. That is, it gives players bonuses and rewards when they play more and make deposits on site. You’ve no doubt come across this kind of thing with shops that offer loyalty cards.

In most cases, these bingo loyalty schemes work through the use of loyalty points. For example, when you make a £10 deposit, you earn 10 loyalty points in return. Or, you might get a certain number of loyalty points when you play a bingo side game and win. The more loyalty points you earn, the more rewards you can take advantage of. Typically, sites offer players the chance to exchange their points for bonuses that they can use on bingo or slots. You’ll also find most sites have more general rewards like gift cards or prizes.

Not Everything is Valued the Same…

As a source for all things bingo-related, you can rest assured we’ve seen players struggle with a variety of problems. One in particular is getting to grips with the fact that not all sites are the same. When it comes to bingo loyalty and VIP schemes, it’s important to realise that not all points are valued the same.

Site A, for example, might give you 1 point for every £1 you spend on their site. Site B, by comparison, might give you 1 point for every £2 you spend. You can see by this example, that not all bingo sites work by the same standard. What does this mean for you? You don’t want to be spending weeks racking up points on Site B when you could have gotten to the same amount on Site A in half the time—so pay close attention!

Becoming a VIP Bingo Player...

Figure holding a gold keyBuilding up loyalty points is only the first step in a bingo loyalty and VIP scheme. Most bingo sites worth their salt have their own VIP club or program. The basic premise of them is that the more points players accumulate on the site, the higher up the scheme they get, and the more benefits and rewards they get to take advantage of. An example of a typical bingo VIP scheme looks like this:

  • Bronze: 0-50 points
  • Silver: 51-100 points
  • Gold: 101-150 points
  • Platinum: 151-200 points

As you can see, the more loyalty points you earn, the higher up the “ladder” you get. In some cases, you’ll end up naturally spending the amount you need to accumulate a lot of loyalty points. Before you start making several deposits, you need to check that the accumulation of these points isn’t time-sensitive.

Site A, for example, might ask you to accumulate 100 points to get to Silver—at any time. Site B by comparison, might ask you to do so in 30 days—after which, your accumulated points vanish and you go back to the start. Obviously, you’ll want to pick the one that suits you best. You’ll also want to sign up to the site that gives you the best possible deposit to points conversion rate.

Loyalty and VIP Scheme Benefits...

Each bingo loyalty and VIP scheme is different depending on the site or gaming platform you’re on. There are, of course, many similarities. Almost all of them offer to convert your loyalty points to bingo or slots bonuses. They also work on the same premise: the higher up the VIP ladder you get, the more benefits you reap. Example benefits include:

Better Conversion Rates

We’ve already mentioned that the amount of loyalty points you can earn per deposit is different depending on your chosen bingo site. This difference in conversion rates can also be found for players at different levels on the VIP ladder. In most cases, the higher up the VIP ladder you get, the higher the conversion rate will be, e.g. Instead of 10 points for every £1 you spend as a Bronze player, you might get 30 points if you’re a Gold player.

Private Rooms

When you first join a bingo site, you’ll gain access to newbie-only rooms. There’s just something so appealing about this exclusivity—which is why it’s so disappointing when you no longer have access. Bingo sites clearly understand the appeal, which is why they offer VIP-only bingo rooms. Much like bars and clubs that have VIP-only areas, these rooms are only for the best of the best. These rooms are quieter, often have bigger prizes and also give you the opportunity to hang out with other VIPs!

Exclusive Promotions

If you’re sick of spending your time searching for new competitions and promotions - waiting impatiently for our weekly promotions roundups - you’ll be pleased to hear that bingo VIPs often get access to exclusive promotions with huge jackpots. That’s right—you get to enjoy regular promotions and extra ones too! So, if you’re a fan of special treatment, you really can’t go wrong with a VIP scheme.

Birthday Bonuses

Speaking of special treatment and exclusive promotions, did you know that most bingo loyalty and VIP schemes offer birthday bonuses? Yes, that’s right! Your special day takes on a whole new level with your favourite bingo site. You can enjoy exclusive bonuses and prizes on your birthday, giving you even more to be happy about.

VIP Events

Ever wanted to be invited to a star-studded event? Love the red carpet treatment? You’ll be pleased to hear that most VIP schemes give loyal players the chance to actually mingle with the stars, head out to crazy concerts and go to glam meet-and-greets. You really don’t know VIP until you’ve tried being a bingo VIP!

Of course, this is just a glimpse at the wide range of benefits you can get from bingo loyalty and VIP schemes. Before we get started on whether these schemes are worth taking advantage of, we’re going to look at how you can join a site’s loyalty and VIP scheme.

How to join a Bingo VIP Club

Bingo cards and balls cartoonLike to keep things simple? You’re in luck—it couldn’t be any easier to join up to a bingo loyalty and VIP scheme. While you might think that you have to sign up or go through several steps to become a VIP, this is just one of the many bingo myths players believe. The truth is that most bingo sites automatically enrol you onto their loyalty scheme.

Do you want to know what the best part about this is? You can register at a bingo site, start playing and immediately begin accumulating loyalty points without any hassle with sign-ups.

Where to find information…

As we’ve said, most bingo sites tend to automatically opt players into their loyalty and VIP schemes. Before you start worrying, this won’t cost you a penny—enrolment onto these schemes is free. As each scheme is different per site, however, you need to check out what your specific site’s VIP scheme will involve. Why? Because if you’re not a fan of what the scheme involves, you can look elsewhere to find one more suited to our own individual tastes.

You’ll usually find everything you need to know about your bingo site’s loyalty and VIP schemes under their Promotions tab. Simply head on over there and scroll until you find their VIP or loyalty scheme section. Here, you’ll find out how you can earn loyalty points and how much they’re worth if you’re converting them to real money or bingo/slots bonuses. You’ll also find out how the VIP ranking system works. Some sites like to keep things old school and others like to mix things up and offer quirkier rankings, as you can see below:

  • Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum
  • Sapphire > Ruby > Diamond
  • Bingo Rookie > Bingo Pro > Bingo Master > Bingo Champ
  • Sir & Ma’am > Lord & Lady > Duke & Duchess > Prince & Princess > King & Queen

As you can see, there’s plenty of variation when it comes to bingo loyalty and VIP schemes. As such, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye.

Are They Really Worth it?

figure with red question markIt’s always difficult trying to figure out whether to commit to a loyalty scheme or not. In fact, it’s almost as difficult as trying to spot the best bingo promotion. For newbie bingo players, it can be incredibly off-putting trying to get to grips with how loyalty schemes work. It’s important that, if you’re considering becoming a serious VIP bingo player, you carefully look at what each loyalty scheme has to offer.

If you’re only interested in the top ladder benefits—like the highest cashback and conversion rates—but you’re worried it will eat far too much into your bingo budget, you should probably give it a miss. In comparison, if you find a scheme that suits your spending style and overall taste, go right ahead.

Like the usual bingo promotions that you no doubt take advantage of on a weekly basis, VIP schemes just need a bit of careful consideration before you actually commit. If it’s something you’re interested in, take advantage of it. If it’s not something you’re interested in, don’t go for it. If you really do take that first step towards climbing up the VIP ladder, you’ll certainly have plenty to enjoy. As we say in most of our site reviews, a bingo site isn’t worth its stripes if it doesn’t have a good loyalty and VIP scheme!

Look Out For...The Fine Print!

If you’re a regular BingoPort reader, you’ll no doubt be more than familiar with our many lectures on the importance of reading the fine print. That being said, it’s an important point that you should never forget. All bingo sites will have wagering requirements and terms and conditions attached to all of their promotions and loyalty schemes. While you might be put off reading through all of the legal terminology, we’d really advise you to take the time to do so. You need to understand how you accumulate your loyalty points and exactly how they can be redeemed.

Some loyalty points have expiry dates—meaning you only have a limited amount of time to build them up, move up the VIP ladder and spend them before they disappear entirely. So, pay attention and try not to miss out!

Which Sites Offer the Best Programs?

So, you’ve got the full lay of the VIP land and you feel ready enough to take on a bingo loyalty and VIP scheme all by yourself. But where do you start? The answer, as with most bingo problems and queries, lies in BingoPort. There’s no such thing as settling for the second best, which is why BingoPort has compiled its very own list of bingo sites with the best VIP loyalty schemes. We’ve put together our top three picks below (though please be aware that these schemes may change in the future)...

Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo banner

Gala Bingo wants to treat its dedicated players like superstars—showing their full appreciation for their continued loyalty. That’s why they have a fantastic VIP scheme on offer, guaranteed to give players a taste of the high life. With it, players can climb up the loyalty ladder and reap the full benefits given to VIP players. Their loyalty ladder levels are traditional enough: go from levels 1-10 with increasing rewards.

From exclusive promotions to private bingo rooms to weekly deposit rewards, the world really is your oyster with Gala Bingo.  And with legendary parties—plus celebrity meet-and-greets—who could say no?

Interested? Register at Gala Bingo today to enjoy all the VIP advantages at your disposal!

Chit Chat Bingo

Chit Chat Bingo header

While not technically on our list for top VIP schemes, Chit Chat Bingo is one of our recommended bingo sites—and for good reason, considering it won the 2018 BingoPort Players’ Choice Award for best bingo site. As such, we couldn’t help but mention it. It’s not just  the top games and promotions on offer that reels in new players—it’s also Chit Chat Bingo’s great loyalty plan. The levels are as follows: Rookie, Pro, Master and Champ.

The higher up the loyalty levels you get, the more you get to take advantage of. With higher cashbacks, free spins and free tickets to the big £10K game (sign us up!), it’s easy to see why Chit Chat Bingo is on everyone’s radar in the world of bingo.

You can start enjoying that red carpet treatment in no time at all. Simply sign up to Chit Chat Bingo today to get started...

BingoPort’s Player Rewards

BingoPort logo

We wouldn’t be able to write a full and extensive guide to bingo loyalty and VIP schemes if we didn’t mention BingoPort at least once! If you haven’t yet had the chance to delve into BingoPort’s Player Rewards or you’ve been a bit uncertain so far, you’re in for a real treat!

BingoPort rewards its players for their continued loyalty at a wide number of bingo sites in the way of Port Points. As with other loyalty schemes, these Port Points can be exchanged once you’ve accumulated enough. Unlike other sites, however, BingoPort allows players to exchange Port Points for a wide number of things in the Rewards Store. From Bingo Bonus Cash at your favourite bingo site to Shopping Vouchers to Technology—there’s more than enough to take advantage of!

And the best part about BingoPort’s Player Rewards? You can get started straight away. New members to BingoPort automatically receive 2,500 Port Points—kickstarting your exciting bingo journey right away! You can find out more on the Player Rewards FAQs page.

And that just about covers everything you could possibly want to know about bingo loyalty and VIP schemes. Hopefully you now know enough to go out and take advantage of the multitude of schemes out there—not to mention BingoPort’s Player Rewards—so good luck!


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