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The 10 Stages of Losing at Bingo

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

In bingo, as in life, there are ups (check out the 10 Stages to Winning at Bingo) and there are downs — often within the same game.

Unless you’re insanely lucky, you’ll know how it feels to lose at bingo. And you’ll know that it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. We’ve tracked some of the highs and lows of the dreaded bingo loss… and I can totally relate.

The game begins. This. Is. It.

This is my moment gif


Your chance to win big.

Show me the money gif


It’s all going so well.

Gif of celebration in the office


Maybe a little too well?

Gif of women celebrating prematurely


Only to find someone pips you to the post.

Gif of a man with a newspaper looking disgruntled


You were so close...

Gif of a cat walking on a treamill and never reaching food

Yet so far.


And when faced with a setback, it’s easy to feel disheartened.

Gif of Elf shouting 'Noooooo"


But you’ve just gotta pick yourself up...

Gif of Simon Cowell saying 'Stay strong'


Dust yourself off...

Gif of woman sisting her shoulders


And go again.

Gif of the muppets with a clapperboard


Hopefully next time, you’ll have better luck. Maybe these top bonus offers will help?


Sound familiar? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.


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