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6 Popular Bingo Myths Debunked


Bingo is a very popular game—and with that popularity comes plenty of controversy. There are a whole host of superstitions, rumours, and myths surrounding the game. You might have heard one of your roomies telling you that there’s a way to beat the system. Maybe you’ve heard a bingo hater or two claiming that the entire game is rigged. Should you be worried? The answer, thankfully, is no. Most of the claims swirling around about bingo are simply myths. We’re here to clear up any confusion and set the record straight, once and for all.

1. The System Is Rigged

gif of a woman saying 'there's a conspiracy here'

We hear this one quite a lot, and you probably do as well. Usually it’s a few sore losers who can’t quite understand why they lost. If you didn’t already know, here it is: all bingo games use RNG (Random Number Generators) to ensure that the numbers generated are unpredictable, and not repeated in any way. These are systematically checked by each bingo site to ensure that there are no patterns, and to ensure fairness. They even employ independent third parties like eCogra to test that all games are completely fair. So no, bingo is not rigged.

2. It's An Old People's Game

image of a woman saying 'It's a game that old people play'

Well, we already know this one is a myth. People still imagine a bunch of old ladies when they think of bingo—but they’re very, very wrong. The average age of a bingo player nowadays is 35, which is way younger than people might expect. This is probably due to the growth of online bingo, which is able to attract younger players, and doesn’t have the same ‘stigma’ that bingo halls do. Take a look at our fellow players infographic to get a better idea of what kinds of people play bingo.

3. It's A Waste Of Time

gif of a woman saying 'this is not worth my time'

Now this one is definitely a myth. We’ve already discussed the huge health benefits that you can get from playing online bingo, from better reflexes, to patience and even increased cognitive strength. Bingo definitely isn’t a mindless game where you sit still and stare at your screen like a mindless zombie. You have to concentrate and keep your eyes peeled. As you well know, it takes a long time and a lot of effort to go from a bingo newbie to a bingo veteran!

4. It's Anti-Social

gif of a woman saying 'I hate people'

Lie, lie, lie! A lot of people imagine bingo to be a very lonely game where people sit in a room alone on their PC, mobile or tablet without paying any attention to the outside world. Well, they’re wrong. Online bingo gives people the opportunity to speak to people that they wouldn’t ordinarily meet—no matter who or where they are. Through bingo, people have the chance to become a part of close, tight-knit communities, as our CMs often mention. It’s so much more than just playing—bingo lets you widen your friendship circle, and gives you a place to chat and discuss the issues you’re facing in your life. After all, sometimes, it can be easier to talk to people you’ve never met face-to-face than it is to people you know.

5. It's Not Secure

gif of a woman saying 'nothing is safe'

Okay, this is an understandable and genuine worry. Online scams are becoming more and more sophisticated—so it’s getting harder to spot them. But to say that all online bingo sites are unsecure is a definite myth. It’s in every bingo site’s interest to ensure that their members have trust in their site—otherwise, they wouldn’t play there. As such, operators employ the latest security measures and encryption technology to protect users’ information when they enter their details or make a payment. You can even take steps yourself to ensure that your personal details remain secure—why not start by checking out our security tips?

6. You Can Play The System

gif of a man saying 'I always win'

We’ve heard this a billion times—a bingo player is convinced that they know how to win every single time. We even see people making the same claims in slots and casino games. Yeah, right. Unless you’ve managed to hack your way into the system (which, for the record, is super illegal), you can’t play the system. Bingo is, after all, a game of luck. Following our tips and advice can help you to play smarter, but there aren’t any foolproof methods of winning. There are no tried-and-true patterns or strategies that will hold in all scenarios—in bingo, it really is true that you win some, you lose some. It’s frustrating, we know, but it’s a fact.

Are there any bingo myths that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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