The 5 Types of Bingo Player


You know the well known saying 'people are like a box of chocolates'? Or something like that...

Well, it's certainly true that the world would be a very boring place if everyone was the same. Thankfully, even within the world of online bingo, there's plenty of variety — and we're all sure to have come across these 5 different types of players...


The Bridesmaid

Not always, of course. But this person’s a great encourager — the first to congratulate the winner; the first to support the underdog. Gracious in win or defeat, they’re a pleasure to play against: everybody’s friend.

Gif of Simon from the Inbetweeners saying 'Ooh, friend'


The Maverick

Not content with conforming to the rules, this player is erratic in their spending. Sometimes one ticket is enough; other games, they’ll buy up the maximum. There may be a method to their madness though. Once in a while, they really win big.

Gif of the professor from Back to the Future


The Lone Wolf

Avoiding all the chat room bingo lingo, this gamer is focussed on the task at hand. There are no prizes for talking, after all.

Gif of a woman saying shhhh


The Jester

It’s all about the chat games for this player. Bingo itself is secondary to any banter that’s occurring. They build up close online friendships, often extending these relationships beyond the realms of gaming.

Gif of Ant and Dec pulling faces


The Challenger

Never far from the winners’ leaderboard, this player takes all gameplay seriously. They take advantage of all the promotions, and never fail to tell you when it’s their turn to win… again.

Gif of woman saying sorry not sorry


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